I need help building an online learning site

Hello, my name is Ray from North Carolina (moving to Moyock shortly) and I need help building an online learning site for tutoring and teaching. I have an extensive background in teaching and degrees in Astrophysics, History, Education and Culinary Arts.

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Hi Mahin, Happy Thanksgiving,
How much do you charge for the most simple, basic website? To get going and improve it along the way?

Sounds Good, Thank You.
I would like to contact you in a few days, for more in depth conversation about it.
Meanwhile, where can I look for more information?

I am a life coach, I love personal development. I love classes, membership websites and that sort of things, … I have many ideas … being able to grow as we go … is what I’m thinking.
Make sense?

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Hi there. I’ve started and run several companies over the last 20 years, my last one incorporated an entire line of business that was just my online course. I’ve since sold that company but I still love building businesses. I took my last company (a small artist retreat center) from 100% bootstrapped and run by only me to a seven person team with four lines of business that was rated by some independent artist group as the fourth best in the world. I was pursuing this site and I saw your post, which I can identify with, I’ve been there. I don’t have much info about myself up yet, but I’ll start adding to that soon. Anyway, if you’d like to chat I’m happy to learn more about where you’re at with the project and how fast you’d like to get through the building phase. I’ve also helped others design, build and strategize the marketing of their online courses. It’s actually pretty fun once you get into it. Cheers.

Hi Ray,
I’ve been doing the same thing for the consultants I work with, The easiest way to start is to download the virtual version of Canvas (one of the best online learning systems) from Bitnami, get it going, then add your content. I am running it out of my house at no cost at all.

Give me a yell if you want to discuss it.



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Hello Ray,
would love to be part of it and bringing out your skill on digital platform.
I am Sahil and I work EduTech field and currently working upon my Google certified educator certfification.
During this pandemic I have helped a school located in India to shift entirely to distance learning tools which includes both the lms (learning management system) along with tools which supports all their requirement? Are you planning to go solo or along with more teachers? Just curious, If you would like to see a demo. We can plan that too!

Best Regards,
Sahil Thakur

Hi Ray,

I have a team of professional website developers and we will be able to help if you can please share all requirements on accentjockeys@gmail.com or if you have seen a website and are looking for a specific design please share the link to that website also.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Kindl Regards

Hello Ray, I am Vanja Computer Science teacher for more than 14 years in public primary and secondary (we call them high schools).
I do have a lot of prepared digitalized materials for Computer science, from 4th grade till 12th (this is not accurate, because of different national curriculums) . Also I dont know if you have heard about my country, Macedonia, a small country part of a now Former Yugoslav Republic in the Western Balkans.
Iam open for sharing materials and ideas also, and my idea is maybe TOO BIG for me, but you dont know unless you try. So welcome to me here :slight_smile: Have a nice day

I loooove Canvas! Such an easy platform to work with!