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Hey, I’m new here. My name is Sonia . I’m 21 years old. It’s actually a scary age for me. I’ve been through my own share of depression so let’s talk about our experiences and get through it together.

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Hey Sonia, if you want to talk I can help you. I have my descripción in Offer Help.

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Heya Sonia

Names DaveAkilan

And i can’t say i was depressed but the people around ne including parents family and rarely friends forcing me to be depressed

I will explain

So i stoped education (rarely went to Secondary education and didnt satrt collage if Secondary education is what i think it is )
Reason ? Its uselsess to me and for my future plus I was in india lets just say the indian education system was not the best

And im at my 20 you have seen 1 year ahead of me
I don’t have a job because i hate jobs and the only job based things i can do to earn money is
Being an YouTuber which i am but my videos aren’t reaching people
And i can give ideas or advice people which i can gaureente they might make anything better a bit or a lot

So i have no education no job and everyone i see forces me to do something i don’t want to

But i ignored them and im currently happy and not depressed and i can definitely gaureente i wont be depressed in the future cause I’m one hell of a human being

And i know you are too


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Hey, Sonia, You are 21 and so that’s time when someone has to face a break up or failure may be. But life is very sweet and long. These things will goes away and you please carry on with your beautiful smile. As when world looks at you they look at your beautiful face with smile. Don’t care about the depression inside it will goes away just mix up with people have chill and do some Yoga or Meditation or go on a city tour. You will definitely win and proud on yourself.

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Hello there Dave, I was reading you reply to Sonia and I am so impressed with the way you managed your situation on your own. What method did you use? Where you are is where I would love people to be.

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Sonia, I am so sorry you are experiencing this feeling of depression. I am currently coaching a 27 year old with feelings of depression and have been having some success by having her writing her feelings down and keeping a diary. This was able to help her identify some reasons and help her to have some control over her feelings. How would you feel about trying writing your feelings down?

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Thank You Judy

I used The Method Called
Be Yourself Dont Change Just Because Others Want You To Be Changed

:blush: There are some people who gets depressed not because whats happened because of whats happening to them so if they can just live with it and ignore it they wont be depressed anymore

Hi Sonia,

I am also new here, I don’t know exactly what you have gone through, I can just only imagine it must be tough. Anyway I’m just curious, what’s with being 21 makes a scary age for you? would you mind sharing your experience about it and how you deal with it.

Thank you for your response, I truly appreciate it. It is interesting though that until the person can identify the issue and accept the problem they are unable to take themself from out of that depressed state. And sometimes they have made the identification and acknowledgement but for some reason it is not so easy for them to make the adjustment. Some adjustments have to be made.

Your welcome and i do agree i usually don’t believe these situations but recently i realized its real deal and people actually need help just someone to listen to their problem and make them feel better just that can make someone happy and thank you for making me feel good im even more proud i made that decision

If i listened to the people around me i must have wasted lot of happy years by studying something that is irrelevant for my future and i will be working in a job which made me depressed as hell im thankfull to myself i made a better move

And thank you for making me feel like i did make a better move it makes me more happier

And i cant like your comment heheh i liked too many comments today :sweat_smile:

Dave, that is my goal to make people happy one by one. I think we were born to be but we find our selves caught up in distraction, no fault of our own, and end up being unhappy and sad.

Please keep up the good work. I am here if you ever feel like talking.

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Keep doing what your doing im happy thanks to you now go make everyone happy

Well i’m from nigeria and being an adult is shitty in this country and there are no jobs at all, so it’s hard to get by . So much pressure from everywhere . No stable income it’s really sad cause I have a lot responsibilities. So I keep going on out of depression.

Hello Sonia,
I am new in here, like many. I remember age 21. I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. I guess that age is a real decision making age. What I had to do is not pressure myself so much to gain what I thought life was supposed to be. I took one day at a time, did yoga, meditation , and enjoyed every moment. That does not mean hard things did not happen, but it helps to not go too far ahead in your mind. If you need someone to talk to, I am willing to talk with you. Its what I do. Its been a hard year for so many. If its hard for you and you want things to be easier this coming year, make the new year a point of hope! Dr Jenine Marie

Hello Sonia!
I am really proud of you as you are vocal about the situation. Remember that everyone gets hurts in their life journey and that’s part of our process of growing strong.
1.Always look at the people who have a bigger problem and thank god we are not in that situation.
2.Every problem makes us strong and tests our potential to face it
3. When you look back after some years … you will be proud of yourself.

Yeah that sounds really hard not to have a stable income especially when you have lots of responsibilities… and I can understand where you are coming from… and I really appreciate how vocal you are on how you feel, its not that easy nowadays…

Im just interested to know what are the things that you doing to cope in that situation where you are now? where do you get that courage? where do you anchor yourself with? To have that will… for me its really inspiring to hear it from people like you…

Sonia, What I find helpful is to live in the moment. We can not project into the future because it is not here yet. We can just plan for it. We can not live in the past, it is gone already. We have this present moment and it is our choice as to whether we want to live it in a positive way or not. Reaching out is very positive. Keep holding on. The answer will come if you keep on reaching for it.

Hi Sonia!
I am a Certified Peer Specialist for Mental Health…meaning, I’m not therapist…but I have my own mental health challenges and stories and am certified to assist you in your journey. Depression is also a part of my story. Check out my “Offer Help.” I’d be psyched to connect with you!