I love you, yes you ... I love you ❤

I love you, yes you, you reading this. And as a slight smile spreads across your face, you wonder, “What is he talking about? How can you love someone if you don’t know them? ” And I will answer you… if people can hate for no reason, I can love for no reason. Me and you are on the same planet, made of the same “material” of the same energy… how can I not love you when it is the same as loving yourself.  Do you love yourself? If not… you should, because love is the energy that drives everything in this universe.

Love is the strongest force that brings even the strongest warriors to their knees in front of a loved one. Love is the reason why wars were fought and people died but they didn’t have to, because there is love for everyone only if you want to let it into your heart, into your body, into your thoughts… I know what you will say, “I did let her/him but I was hurt, it hurt a lot and I won’t open up again ", so if you really thought this, I have to tell you something… in today’s world with fake faces I know it’s not so easy to open up, fall in love and let go of that feeling because there is always a fear of being hurt or previous experience, but fear is only a feeling that is manifested due to lack of love. You can choose to shut up the door because it is your life but, to get the love you have to open the door wide open of your heart, and even if you are hurt it is only because the universe is telling you “he/she is not for you”, at that moment you need to learn to let that person out of your head, out of your soul, out of your heart but not to slam the door of your heart because what if the next person is the one who wants the same as you? What if she/he had a bad experience too? And if you will both be locked up for love, how do you think he/she will fall in love with you? The universe will send you the right person but cannot talk to him / her instead of you. The universe can’t open your heart instead of you.
As a flower opens and invites all bees to pollinate it, the bees will not come to the flower if it is closed. It is the same with your heart. You need to be open, you need to give love if you want to receive love. So what if you were hurt in love? Do you know someone who isn’t?
Courage in today’s world is to show love and not to hide from it. And no matter how hard it is, to stay open because maybe the next person is what you’ve been waiting for all your life, if you shut up the door, she’ll just pass by you, and you’ll never meet her again. You can only enter through the open door and in front of the closed one you can only wait for someone to open it, would you wait? I thought so.
So don’t tell yourself how dissatisfied you are in love, how you can’t find the right person because you’re closed you attract the same closed people who may be just as afraid as you are to open up so they choose to hurt rather than being hurt.
But the point is that you can’t be hurt because when you love truly from the bottom of your heart the whole universe is on your side, everyone who hurt you will look alike only as experiences because the universe had to teach you some things before it gives you the person you will love more than yourself. He must first teach you how it hurts when you hurt so as not to hurt the person he will give you.
A person who went through maybe the same as you because the universe had to teach him/her to respect you, a person who was also hurt many times and who is also afraid of being hurt again but remained brave to be open and to say “I love you” to the next person. Because courage is not to close, cowards do that, the brave know each other because they are always open in front of everyone.

And that is why you, yeah you, you who are reading this, yes… I love you, I love you with my whole being, every part of my body, every atom of my body loves you, every breath and every sigh is for you… yes just for you. And again you ask yourself “How?” And I tell you again if people can hate for no reason, I can love you for no reason.

:heart: I love you :heart:

Much love :heart: