I Love to Talk About Investments, Resumes & Writing


HI my name is Don, I am in my late 50’s and I live in beautiful Highland Park, NJ. It’s a tiny little town sandwiched between two much larger towns and I think that is part of what makes it so charming. There is a really beautiful park along the Raritan River just a few blocks from where I live and it is just a gorgeous place to spend down time where you’re not really planning to go anywhere.

What makes me unique? My experience has taught me one thing. We are all the same and we all want the same thing, and that is to live a happy life. And I firmly believe that spending time helping others is one of the keys to a happy life. I practice meditation, I recognize my soul as the center of my being and I actively seek opportunities to help others. I have also published my own collection of poetry.

In my professional life I have extensive experience as a stockbroker, recruiter, salesman and writing tutor. I would say that investment research and writing are my two greatest passions. You can be confident that the advice/guidance I give you comes from a wealth of wisdom, experience and a genuine desire to help people.


Investment Consultation- $75 for a 90 minute session- Please note this session does not make any specific stock recommendations. What you will get is valuable information that will show you how to evaluate a stock, how to determine and control your risk tolerance, how to evaluate an earnings report, how to understand the conversations on the financial channels and how to understand the psychology of the market.

Resume Evaluation - $50 Flat fee- I can help you with formatting and wording. There are a lot of myths out there concerning what should and shouldn’t be in your resume. I can help you make sense of the chatter and compose a resume that is concise and communicates everything necessary to impress a prospective employer

Writing Tutoring- $35/hr. - Whether you are a student or a professional I can help you power through your writer’s block, organize your ideas and your document and produce an essay, memo, email or summary that you can be truly proud of. Many people get the cold sweats when they actually have to write something that other people are going to read. I will help you eliminate that fear.

Payment Methods- I accept payments through Zelle payments or the Cash App. Please note- All payments are made in advance


A Fun Fact About Me- I am a geek and I love being one. I still consider every day to be a learning experience and I want to absorb as much knowledge as I can.

What Can I talk about for hours?- The stock market, writing, history, philosophy, the state of the world.

What am I proud of? - The knowledge I have obtained and my commitment to helping others

A superpower I would not want to have- Reading people’s minds- I am content to know what’s on my own mind

The Most Normal Thing About Me- My self respect and my commitment towards my health

What Do I Hate?- Willful ignorance. Someone who will not see the truth no matter how many times it is shown to them

My Teaching Style- Depends on you. I can take things at your speed and I like to make sure we have fun while you are learning. Learning should be a pleasure not a burden.

Here is a link to my LinkedIn Profile:

Look for me to be posting journal entries regularly.