I just posted my "Offer Help!" page

Hello TalkTime and self!
I began this journey and wanted to document as much as I can to have a jouney to look back on.
As 2020 comes to a close. there has been so much to ponder. The world events, movement, family, the politica scene in USA.
Some family and friends have either passed away or fallen by the wayside for various reasons. We may look at ourselves now in a different way and question why is this even happening.
Yes, some would agree it has been a strange and maybe even difficlt year.
When I was a child, my mom stated that the word “bored” could not be used. After all there was meals to cook, stories to write, art to make, woods to build forts in. Forts to make inside on a rainy day, life to live, school to go, rooms to clean, books to read.
You get the point: Mom always had a way with giving advice or life motto without the sarcasm.
Never- the less -TalkTime found me and here I am in a pandemic, a new platform, my profile