I help young adults ace their job interviews (virtual and in-person)

Hi, I’m Ann.

Here are my services.

Private 1-on-1:

  • $60.00 / 45 minutes
  • 135.00 for 3 packages

I help young adults with interview skills/communication/leadership.

I am here to help 18 year + young adults. My goal is for you to practice your new skills with me and have success before the end of our first visit.

The start point for my students.

Young adults looking for a job, interviewing for college or just starting out in a profession

The end point for my students.

By the end of our sessions - students will be able to answer common interview questions confidently, be able to make small talk and be able to better express their ideas to others.

I love doing this.

I am passionate about this because when I interview young adults I want them to be sincere, confident and genuine and most of the time I have to pull information out of them and they give scripted answers and maybe to nervous I do not get to see the best of them during the interview. For the young adults where it is their first job, they struggle with communication and taking initiative where they can truly shine, learn and grow in their position.

I understand and remember clearly what it was like to be just out of high school/college trying to get a good position and working to better myself. I have see the growth in young adults once they learn how to tell their story with pride and learn communication/leadership skills. They are more relaxed, creative and gain momentum in their overall confidence.

What you will learn during session:

  • How to best tell your story during an interview.
  • How to build rapport and best practices for small talk.
  • Additional interview practice, small talk and communication practice.

What makes my teaching different or unique:

I will allow time for you to practice during our sessions. I want you to be completely confident in your telling your personal stories and making small talk.

My teaching style.

My teaching style is I do, we do, you do. We will practice, you will get feedback. We want you to feel completely at ease with your new skills so you will use them in your daily life.


I expect you will show up on time with video camera turned on. Make sure there are not background noises or distractions. Make sure the room is well lit. Bring your energy, stories and get ready to communicate.

If you are interested I will contact you within 24 hours by sending you a message on Talktime then we’ll schedule a kick-off call to get you setup and ready to go.

Fun fact about me.

The fun fact about me is I have very high energy and pom poms to celebrate your each of your successes on your journey.

Check out the video of class details.

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Hello Ann, I know you are having a wonderful day. I have been looking for you. You are my favorite cheer leader… I love the pompoms. You are that Lady I looked for when I needed to get back into the forefront of working. Your job is fabulous and needful. I hope a lot of teens have come to realize how valuable you are to assist them overcome their initial obstacles as a starter in this damaging environment. I love you. Keep shining. You are a rear and precious light. I bless your path always.

OMG - You are amazing!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. This message came at just the right time. :slight_smile: We need to keep in touch. Bless you Ann C.

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Smiles from ear to ear… You are such a joy Ann… Thank you for sharing the Pompom… I love it… Yes we will… My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family… Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too… Enjoy…