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Hey! I’m Laura Cobb, PhD, LPC, NCC, CFLE, DOA… (or at least I could have been on that last one). Don’t let those letters fool you. I’m a Life Coach for high achieving women who experience achiever’s curse and imposter syndrome. If you read between the lines, my life is an open book.

I grew up in Chicago and am the youngest of 4. My siblings bullied me viciously (on every level) so I became a bully. In high school, I made friends with the undercover deviants. No one knew because I was good at hiding it (read: foreshadowing). I never even had detention. I partied sure. I was good at covering it up.

Then I went to college and was really, I mean, REALLY good at it. I achieved a lot of awards, scholarships, and moved to Germany for 8 years. I was promoted a lot, was the President of the European Branch of the American Counseling Association, even worked for the Pentagon managing the entire continent in a program to help educate and prevent domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault.

On the side, I ran a bunch of marathons, was a personal trainer, and yoga instructor even competed in figure competitions. What people didn’t see was that no matter how many accolades and awards and achievements I obtain and received; it never satiated my internal drive for validation. I ended up with everything I ever wanted and it wasn’t enough to feel whole. Addiction to anything ruled my life.

After returning to the States and adding a child to my family, there was a downward spiral of abuse and addiction (and was about 5 lbs. from death), I ended up homeless and involved in narcissistic relationships. Through a lot of help, some humility, and a whole lot of “not today, not ever” I resolved to seek help, and more importantly, accepted it when offered. I’m not whole and I don’t ever want to be. I love learning, even if that means learning about me.

I used to wake in the morning thinking, “Good God, morning.” Today, I say, “Good morning, God.” Some people call me an extraordinary woman. I disagree. I’m an ordinary woman making extraordinary choices one day at a time.

Let’s get LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/in/laura-a-cobb

I teach women one of two things:

  1. Don’t do what I did, and

  2. How to bounce back if you are not happy with where you are in your life right now.

My clients learn to confidently lead their lives so they never question their worth. These women are inspired, empowered, and determined to show up in every boardroom, classroom, and bedroom, every public function, and speaking engagement knowing that they DESERVE to be there and have EARNED the RIGHT to do so.

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Fun Fact About Me

  • I lived in Germany for 8 years
  • I went paragliding off a glacier and went on the Sound of Music tour on my honeymoon.
  • I’ve completed 6 marathons.
  • I placed 4th in a figure contest.
  • I was the President of the European Branch of the American Counseling Association
  • I got my tongue stuck to an ice skate and ripped off the skin.
  • I broke my arm playing dodgeball and wore a cast for 9 months.
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I just wanna say how awesome you are! Unfortunately, I can’t afford the $150/session, but I have been there, too. Homeless (I’m currently couch surfing) with a degree. The imposter syndrome sank in after I went back to grad school, and it has followed me since.

But I just want to say what an inspiration you are. Even if I can’t afford to buy your services, I’d still like to connect, chat, and share stories if you’re interested in making a friend. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, I appreciate that very much. You are kind. Yes, it sucked pretty much and I’m from Chicago. I’m not even finished with my profile. Of course, you are always welcome to chat with me in a consultation. I’d very much like to get to know you better.

BTW–I’m about to add to my profile. Yikes!

Best always,

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