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Parenting special Needs Life Coach: I help you optimize growth, healing, quality heart centered connection and communication with your child. I help you to create better child parent relationships and behaviors.

I am a Parenting Special Needs Life Coach who also happens to be a Mother to twins and a child with cerebral palsy, I am also a writer, and a Life coach who helps struggling parents not only cope with the challenges of parenting in general but specifically multiples and specials needs children.

My story

Perhaps real love is allowing love to shift and change colors!
When we allow cultural shame to diminish us, or allow well-meaning but often misunderstanding people in our lives inform us of what we should do, feel, or think, people who are not informed of our innermost being and life challenges in the way we are as individuals we hand over our power.

“Shame derives its power from being unspeakable” (Brene Brown).

There can be a great shame surrounding the tender and volatile time of divorce or raising a special needs child/ren. So, if shame derives itself from being unspeakable, I choose to speak through my teaching and writing because I cannot bear that the thought that failed, fear, blame, and shame are what my children have to look forward to. Life is so much more!

So take a leap with me: I remember a time when my boy couldn’t speak and could only fuss and cry in my arms early every morning when the lights were too much for his sensory processing and his sisters giggles intolerable, when I full bladder, sleep logged, and weary pulled a blanket over our heads to block light, held him secure, and covered his ears blocking light and sound to help him calm: I felt love.

The kind of love that accepts without judgment the reality and honors the other, somehow recognizing there is no other. I saw myself in my son and my son in me.
Recently, I watched my boy reason out puzzle blocks. I smiled remembering when he couldn’t ask for things or carry on conversation. When his Dad worried, he would never speak.

Imagine how much better children might adjust with the “right” kind of attention. Imagine your child smiling or laughing for the first time. Imagine that first step walking. Imagine that feeling of pride when your child looks you in eye however fleeting for the first time and the feeling that brings.

When our children are small we redirect their attention often to teach them self-regulation, to guide them away from danger, and so much more.
We sometimes forget that skill as an adult. When tragedy happens, great loss, or anger and anxiety erupt, we forget we have the ability to shift our attention to something else.

It can start small. It did for me, I started by watching my son dimple up when I made a funny face at him, his dimpled grin made me smile — even though I was sad. So, I fed that and found more small things to appreciate like how one of my daughters eyes shone when I paused and taught her something that made her more independent. Or how my other daughter would immediately change her bebopping loss of focus when I challenged her mental ability enough to engage her imagination.

Habits are ingrained patterns and are only trained ways of perceiving and behaving. Neuroplasticity teaches us miracles can be the norm.
Every time that ugly little self-sabotaging voice pops up and asks you who do you think you are.

Don’t allow yourself to stay with it. Instead shift your focus. Find something that makes you smile find something that helps another and do it, find something that helps you and do it.

And by help you: I don’t mean a gallon of Ice cream, a Netflix binge, a drunken spree and or retail therapy.

I mean hit the gym, start the business you have put on the back burner, dance with your children they are only this young once, start eating healthier, call someone for help, meditate, learn about your child’s inner world, listen to music you love, read, read, read.

Joy is a choice. There is no life without loss sometimes tremendous loss, but life is meant lived, embraced, and you only get this life once.

Go live it with joy, take some action, AND redirect yourself when you start meandering down dark roads. Choose joy!

Today my boy with cerebral palsy and sensory processing challenges is attending kindergarten in the middle of a pandemic successfully, my boy who couldn’t make words consistently until he was 3 ½, my boy couldn’t do more than label things is now having conversations, my boy who couldn’t stand up or run is walking and running.

My boy whose brain couldn’t recognize he had a right arm now does. My boy who had to be buffered from sensory input for no less than an hour plus every morning for the first three years of his life now gets a cuddle and some loves and goes and plays.

Outside therapy in my opinion wasn’t enough so I learned a tremendous amount and brought therapy into the home. OT, SLP, and PT PLUS. It has become my mission to help others navigate the journey of parenthood with multiples and or special needs children.

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Michael Mahy

I am a Certified Life Coach who helps professionals that struggle with overwhelm and anxiety to create the Mental Space needed in order to get really clear on what they want and how to go about getting it.
November 25, 2020, Michael and Andrea were students together

Parenting is a the most vital Leadership skill in the world. The way we raise our children will directly reflect the world we live in. I have not met a Parental support coach as intuitive, compassionate, caring and experienced in working with parents of children with special needs as Andrea is. She is warm, confident and creative . She adapts and tailors her coaching style and coaching program to suit each individual family needs . She listens, guides, teaches, and empowers both parents and children . She can create an understanding of your children’s needs that will give you the parent , the skills to improve your child’s development and give you back the freedom, the ease and the confidence to enjoy your life with your children. Highly recommended ! See less

Paul Harrell

Consultant/Coach at Better Schools With Paul
November 25, 2020, Paul worked with Andrea in different groups

There are many people we encounter in life. Some teach, lead, and coach from what they learned through formal education. There are those professionals who help through experience. Those with a calling, not a job or career, blend their experiences and knowledge to bring something unique to those they assist and care for. I just described Andrea. She leads through her experiences with special needs children and her extensive education. When experience lines up with knowledge, and genuine care is added, what comes our is rare and to be treasured. If you want to experience gifts like these, there is but one place…Andrea. See less

David-John Wayne Bailey

Visionary storyteller well-versed in the art of word craft to exceed strategic objectives.
November 24, 2020, David-John Wayne was a client of Andrea’s

Andrea is one of those souls one immediately resonates with. Her playful demeanor and general pleasantness belie a depth of empathy and understanding that is not only attributed to Mothers, but individuals who have overcome more than their fair share of pain. I Love her for the value she brings me and this world she currently inhabits. While I have yet to hear her infamous Irish accent, I gladly recommend her to add value to any project she shares passion for! See less

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