I help families overcome the struggle that affects everyone!

What happens to one person in a family affects everyone in the family. So my practice is designed to support the whole family. When a struggle won’t go away everyone suffers. Wouldn’t it be great if each person could have a voice not only about the problem but the solution?

How does this work?
Start with a Free 90-minute discovery consultation - Value $149.00
Message me here to set up a time that works for you

Follow-up with my Transformational Coaching Program
Six weekly 90-minute coaching sessions (virtual or in-person if local)

a) Individual ( private 1-to-1) I like to start with a parent for 2 sessions then the person struggling the most for 3 sessions

b) Family (to bring understanding to all) I invite the family to the 6th session.

Cost $750.00 for 6 sessions. ($125.00 per session)

check out www.MasterWellnessCoaching.com for a look into what I do and why it works.

You must have questions. It’s okay to doubt that things can change. Ask me how it works and why you are worth it. Direct message me through Talktime. I will reply promptly, Thank you.

Location: I live just outside Providence, Rhode Island
Virtual: Zoom, FaceTime, or phone

Payment options: Venmo, Cash App, Square (add $50.00 for Credit Card purchase)

A bit about me…

I am a mother, grandmother, and now a new puppy momma. Darby is now a 7-month-old double doodle who is keeping me young at heart but not for the faint of heart! She was an answer to my COVID loneliness that was so compiling I could not ignore my want for unconditional love. Luckily for me, I listened to my heart when my coach asked…“What do you want?”

A big accomplishment and miracle in my life is sobriety. I am sober because I had enough, and so had my family. My 16-year-old son, on Halloween, said “Mom, I will not live like this another day. One of you has to go.” I knew if I left it was because I loved Brian not because I didn’t. I left that day with the shirt on my back. My sober date is 11-11-02 That’s when the journey of hope began and continues to be the purpose of my life. Be hope, give hope. Then I went to Nursing school at 50 years old! Yep, I am a registered nurse! I worked 10 years in a hospital before realizing I wasn’t helping people find hope. I was dishing out medicine and promises that things would get better. So I went back to school for Coaching. My purpose is alive and well.
So for fun, I take pictures. I love photography whether, with my ridiculously expensive 35mm camera or my iPhone, pictures make the world go round. I also have an ETSY shop called “YourWallYourStory” because a mentor said I could do more than take pictures I could create art, so I did!

A long while ago, I came across a woman who drove me crazy. I decided I should talk with her because it’s likely why she bothers me so much is likely the same thing that I do to bother other people. Talk too much! I needed to learn with her and from her. Then she became my Reiki Master and healed me of a brain aneurism. So became her student to gain the gift of listening and energy healing. I am a Reiki Master (long-distance and in-person) creating wonderful shifts in thought and emotion.

I like to mention that I Live in a Loft apartment on The Blackstone river and love the bike path that follows the river’s bend. It is serene, historic, and full of life as the community travels by foot, bicycle, rollerblade, and baby-carriage all week long! During Covid, it motivated me to create a television series called “Lofty Questions” when we were all sanctioned to our homes. There were so many unanswered questions and I knew I could help. So I have 5 different 30-minute episodes about coming through COVID a better version of ourselves!
(find it on my YouTube channel Lofty Questions with Terry Finnegan Lynch). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgwa6flbfPFKYCSn5UsPFlw?/

As of November 2020, I am a host to a live radio show on Business Talk Radio 1.
Every Tuesday @ 2:30 pm you can listen in or call in @ 631-569-4576
use this link to listen in https://businesstalkradio1.com/studio-four/

My last bagging right comes this December, a book I collaborated on “Hope is for Always” will be published. There are 8 authors. My story is called “My Classroom of Hope” and it celebrates all the teachers that gave me hope on my marvelous journey! Published by Kentstead Media

Thank you for getting all the way to the end of my message. If you did, let me know and I will share an angel card reading with you. Complimentary of course.

With abundant hope,