I help Dads spend more quality time with their son

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What is this whole thing about?

I have a fantastic relationship with my son. We play video games together. We talk about all issues ranging from school, girls, business and more. Can’t say the process was easy. It took me time to figure out how to push my son without pushing him away. During the journey, I’ve figured out a few tips and tricks that I’m happy to share with fathers who are looking for way to connect with and build a meaningful relationship with their son.

What are my credentials?

My biggest credential is that I have the most amazing relationship with my son! He is 17 years old and will graduate high school with an Associate’s degree this spring and start Pre-Med at University next Fall. We work hard, learn hard and play hard together! I am also a Mental Health Professor and Life Coach.

Who is this for?

I have found the secret to an awesome relationship with my son, sharing this secret of successful Father/Son bonding is for anyone who wants an amazing connection with your child.

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