I help Boomers with non-financial retirement issues

Bored, lost, confused, invisible and aimless retirees.

You deserve to live an amazing season in retirement. Living your best life now! Feeling vital and engaged in a way that’s fulfilling and purposeful. I want that for you, too.

Yet, social, emotional and mental health transitions (like isolation) in retirement may turn into depression, alcoholism or suicide if not dealt with. It’s missing in today’s retirement planning.

I work with people wanting to transform their life, give and live their best by handling their time freedom with purpose. Everyone deserves to be worthy and cherished by themselves so you can align your choices with your heart’s best.

I have a masters degree in Applied Behavioral Science, am a Certified Knowledge Manager, have a BA in Science. I’ve graduated from the esteemed coaching program inviteChange. I am 73 and bake a mean gluten-free, chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. I grew up on a farm where I milked cows and stacked hay.

As a retirement coach I help you find clarity and direction. Find purpose and meaning to strive and thrive! I love possibilities, curiosity and potential. I love bringing out the best in others. Wouldn’t you rather live from your heart and soul - your true self - when it’s your effortless vitality.

My happiness comes from the joy of unleashing other’s dreams all over the world. The impact is incredibly changing nations and God’s Kingdom.

I help retirees find a place to fit in, to matter & make a difference. I hold you responsible and accountable for doing your own work/transformation. The result is self-confidence, worthiness and living your uniqueness.

Coaching: 20 minutes for $40 or 50 minutes for $120

Effortless Vitality Plan: $3500
Signature System with interactive video: create Essence statement, with 1-1 coaching make new decisions for social health, emotional transitions, new identity and time affluence over 8 weeks. In a small group, 11 weeks.

Love the idea. Very original.

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Wonderful post Sharon I am so glad you are here!! I love you to make Gluten free cookies. I am super allergic I have two strand genes and I get so sick I can barely eat anything other than veg fruits! I wish I could have some cookies! I usually have to get from at the factory free cuz even baked in at home ovens it is contaminated. Those Glueting molecules are evil lol !!

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THANKS Angelika!
I’m getting better at converting my FAV to GF and SF. Of course the new products on the market help, like Costco’s Namaste and powdered Stevia.

Today, I’m going to try it to make a pie crust!?! If it doesn’t work, I’ll use oatmeal that I put thru the blender (powdered ).

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Chick pea or coconut flour is the very best :slight_smile: good luck

I do use coconut flour frequently. Yay.

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Sharon, have you or do also work with mid age or even young first careers planning and saving money to help them put aside and plan for their retirement at a young age? I was thinking this would be beneficial for the younger generation to have classes on what happens in retirement years and how to plan/save/budget and make arrangements to understand the transition and how they will want to enjoy it so they have it all set into place. Do you also know about international pensions and settling overseas? Also do you have a price scale you can display? :slight_smile:

I don’t address the financial side BUT I have a couple contacts that do. I will pass on your suggestion to the, so they can also join TalkTimers.
I still have a few steps to work thru to set up my profile. Haven’t seen where my prices go, tho’ I covered it in my worksheet. I’ll do that this weekend.

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