I have to say goodbye to all of you

I am very sorry to have to inform you that I will have to leave, I have another life calling. Maybe people who follow my posts have noticed that I haven’t been for a few days, I will come less and less often. I will not totally abandon you, but I will come much less often than before, I will respond to messages when I see them, so don’t mind if it lasts. I still want to stay in touch with all of you and help you as much as I can.

I really tried to help everyone who read the posts. They are written from the heart and really sincerely. Everything I wrote in the posts is 100% true, for those who did not understand the posts, read them again if you do not understand them then it may simply not be your time to “wake up”, work on yourself, and that moment will come.

For all those who understood the posts but still, some things are not clear to them, I recommend watching the movie “The Matrix” (but only the first part). This movie has a hidden message, try to understand what they are saying in the movie, don’t watch the movie as a movie because it really hides a big message. As in the film itself, Morphius says: “Many people are not ready to plug off ( to be awakened) and are so dependent on the system that they will do anything to defend it”, there are so many good messages in the movie that are woven into the very plot of the film that the average viewer cannot notice them, because he perceives the movie as science fiction and thus misses the message of the film. “Free your mind, release your fear, doubts, and disbelief.” There are really many strong sentences in the film, but I won’t list them anymore, after all, I leave it to you to watch the film and understand the message. Believe me, it will change your life if you understand the film.

And finally … I would like to thank the three people who gave me the most support:


As a big sign of gratitude for you, I have prepared a special gift that I will send directly to your inbox. What I will send to your inbox is just for you, you have to promise me that you will not duplicate it and share it with others until you have totally mastered the technique. Once you have mastered the technique you can share it and use it to help other people. This is the most powerful exercise I have learned in 15 years of meditation, energy, and manifestation. If you need any help in understanding and mastering the technique, I am at your disposal. This is how I want to say THANK YOU for your support.

You will not change the world by talking about it, the world changes with your actions and not with words.

I can’t tell you how this will end, because it’s up to you, but I can tell you how it will begin.

Much love :heart:



Dear Myriam,
It is always a pleasure to correspond with you. Everything is so simple with you. And of course, everything has its own reason. :wink:
I hope you enjoy the gift. :gift:

Much love :heart:


It was nice meeting you here on talk time! Continue to stay positive!

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