I have diabetes and struggle with control

When people hear the word Diabetes most think fat person, I am not excessively overweight and that is the reason I struggle with my diabetes. I hear a lot that you can control and even reverse it, but that is not true in my case, I have been told by various Doctors that due to my age (50+) and just overweight , I cannot reverse it and i am stuck with this for the rest of my life.


Heya paul first of all i have no idea what diabetes is or what it does so forgive me but i understand the problem and that you need a solution

Search in google for treatment etc and chat with real doctors who specializes in diabetes online

And if talktimers has doctors sho knows this they might help search in ( offer help aection )for doctors if there are some Contact them if there isnt any no worries

And i give ideas so Contact me if you need someone to talk to im not a professional doctor or anything but i can try to help with my * ideas *

Hope that link helps and diabetes is treatable i think i mean i don’t know if it can go away but you can make it better

And buddy whatever happened happened just be happy thats all that matters

I meam is that a freakin cheetah in your profile picture
Brah im jealous my mom wont even let me have a cat or dog i play with home lizards running around my home ceiling thats my life

So enjoy and be happy as much as possible dont let diabetes tell you otherwise

And if you cant reverse it live through it find what makes daily life worse and find a solution for it ask a doctor or go creative yourself

Have you tried finding and contacting Diabetes specialist doctors if haven’t do so and even if they say they cant help ask them how to live with it they might recommend something

Hey Paul

My experience is as follows:

My friend and I traveled to India for our yoga studies.
When our teacher found out that my friend was diabetic, he quickly changed her program to suit her condition.

Honestly, my friend stopped taking her insulin for about 2 weeks, then she started back up, because she was too scared of the ramifications of not taking her insulin for that long, being in India, she just did not want to be sick in the hospital. She herself could not believe that she maintained herself without any insulin for 2 weeks. I mean that is something.

I am not saying stop your medication, I am saying if you find the right healer, who will work with you, on using yoga postures (or another method that works) that stimulate the internal organs, especially the pancreas in this case, you might have a glimmer of light and in time that light can turn into a life changing realization.

I know this is tough Paul, but if you have the will, I believe you will find the way to live how you want to live. You are in charge my friend.

Hope this gives you something.

Much love

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Hi LifecoachPaul,

I’m an energy healer/reader/guide. I’m a Reiki master as well. If you are interested in a free energy healing/reading session please message me.


Thank you for sharing your story. Type 1 diabetes (where the pancreas cannot produce insulin) cannot be reversed but Type 2 diabetes has been reversed in some cases. In both cases nutrition and exercise play a huge role in managing disease for different reasons. In Type 2- Diet changes and weight loss can prevent diabetes from progressing to Insulin dependence. It is a good idea to see a nutritionist. Also if you have access to instagram check out the account: reverse_diabetesnaturally

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Thank you for comments

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Just remember to be as happy as possible no matter what every problem has a solution :smile:

It depends if it is Type 1 if Type 2, as some others have mentioned on here. As far as I know Type 1 cannot be reversed but Type 2 can with medication and diet. Many people lead normal lives with both kinds, exercising and doing other activities but it does take some managing so that you keep it under control and don’t have spikes in your blood sugar or, alternatively, very low blood sugar. You maybe need to find a different doctor who can help you more and also a nutritionist.
Good luck with everything!

Thank you for your comments and support.

Further to my initial journal entry, my Diabetes is Type 2 and I always heard that diet and exercise can reverse it and i can live a normal life without medication. However this myth was busted, when I was told that in my case that was not possible and losing 1 or 2 kg that I am overweight would not make a difference in bringing my levels down and now I have been told that I also have high blood pressure, even though I have changed my entire diet and lifestyle.

Some have suggested yoga and meditation, i have tried these in the past, but they have not worked for me, partially due to my other physical issues.

Again thank you all for you help it is much appreciated.

I would love to send you a personal health inventory it is a questionnaire to help zone in on the areas of your whole health. It paves the way to uncovering the material needed to form a solid foundation to support your wellness journey. I would like to assist you in improving your overall health. If you would like this information free of charge you can email me directly at Kismetoptimalhealth@yahoo.com. I have a background in nursing working with clients diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes (Type 1 and 2), often these two go hand and hand and can be improved using the same measures.

Hi Paul,

Have you heard of intermittent fasting, or time restricted eating? I have heard it is very effective with weight loss and hunger management. I heard about it from Gin Stephens who wrote “Delay Don’t Deny”. She has a couple podcasts you can listen to called “Intermittent Fasting Stories” and “The Intermittent Fasting Podcast”. I love hearing people’s success stories, often losing 30-100lbs and reversing chronic conditions like diabetes. I have been practicing IF for a few months and find weight-loss and appetite control a lot easier. Also, check out “The Obesity Code” by Jason Fung- he talks about the connection between insulin, weight gain, and chronic conditions.

Best of Luck!