I can teach how to begin a drawing using form and structure to compose a nice illustration.

Greetings. I’m Kevynn originally from St. Croix in the USVI currently residing in Stone Mountain, Ga. I’m a traditional illustrator drawing is what I do best and I am able to help other by sharing what I’ve learned over many years to make complicated drawing simple.

I make drawing easier and fun.

I hail from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

I can teach how to begin a drawing using form and structure to compose a nice illustration.

This is for anyone who likes to draw, but find himself or herself at a loss as to what to put on paper.

I can help someone resolve issues by guiding them through difficult steps regarding their artwork.

I enjoy working with everyone.

The start point for students is working on the areas they find frustrating and have an idea, but unable to visualize it on paper.

The end point for students is they will be able to “brainstorm” as a means to flesh out ideas to use when creating visuals.

I am passionate about this because drawing seems easy, but I find most people have difficulty expressing themselves with visuals. People have great ideas, but something blocks them from what they see in their mind’s eye. If I can help them unlock that part, they will have the key to success that’s worth more than they could ever imagine.

I am the best person to lead this small team because I’ve been able to assist former classmates and fellow artists consider nuances concerning their project(s) that may enhance their work.

Student will learn from me each week how to think critically. Why they are driven draw the things they like, and understand design elements when constructing an illustration.

What is different or unique about my approach is I use layman terms to explain drawing jargon.

My teaching style is demonstrating techniques that utilize lines and curves to form shapes used as a framework/outline in drawing. Also, incorporating alphanumeric characters as a way to understand structure.

I expect that people will benefit from looking at their drawing in a unique way, appreciating the process in creating a work of art.

After someone buys, I’ll contact the person within 24 hours and send a message on Talktime. We’ll schedule an initial call to get things situated and ready to start.

A fun fact about me is that I like to watch cartoons/anime and read comic books. I also enjoy sci-fi action films.

Offer services: $40 @ 20 mins ea. for 1-on-1
$100/hour for group of 5 or less

Price: $2,000
Length: 6 weeks
Meet: 2 times per week
Session Length: 2 hours
Location: Google Meet
Group size: 5 + 1 instructor
Payment accepted: Cash App