I can help you with your career

Price (USD):$60 - 30 minutes
Interested: As an executive recruiter and organizational consultant with over 30 years of experience, I can help you find the best approach to developing your career as well as focus your job search efforts. In addition, I am a trained psychologist who has done hundreds upon hundreds of meetings across the country with job candidates and can bring that experience to bear on your efforts. I love helping people understand their true talents and then making sure they follow the best path to realizing them.


I am looking to find a job as an architect.

Please help me. I get rejected everywhere and it has also been really hard due to COVID!

Hi Priyamvada, I assume you have a resume. Why don’t you forward a copy to me and I will take a look at it. Then we can decide whether I can be of any help to you. Best regards, Bryant Crouse PS, give me a couple of days to respond.

Let me know if this works?

Priyamvada, Better if you e-mail me a copy from your normal e-mail address. Do You Have It in a Word format? Are you currently living in Colorado? Thanks.

Bryant Crouse