I am Seeking a Life Coaching Apprenticeship or Some kind of program that will allow me to can Life coaching experience!

I will become a successful Life Coach and Traveling personal development speaker (motivational speaker at some point). As of right now I am seeking a compatible, helpful, diverse, well-rounded, knowledgeable group of people who can transform in my community or if said community already exist I am welcomed in with open arms. Compatible Community, mentors, that I align/resonate with that can provide support and guidance is what I seek. It’s uplifting that I almost know to the “T” of what I want to do with my life (while still being whole existence open of course), however I don’t know how to officially get started with building my way up.

PS: I am new to this website and I don’t know why my post, posted anonymously

Ok wait I didn’t login; my bad LOL Any who this is my post ! Thanks for any support and guidance in advance. Please reply under here so I can receive y’all notifications


It would seem that, in a way, you are already pursuing your goal. On this platform, you can ask for help from people who are already professionally operating in your area of interest: Life Coaching and pubic speaking. There are multiple agencies offering courses and certification - however, most of these are online currently for obvious reasons.

I am offering help to people experiencing issues regarding motivation and relationships here. Even while pursuing an apprenticeship, you can invite people to book a session with you, so you can demonstrate your skills, and possibly get some testimonials.


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Hey ! Thanks for some reason I never thought about asking life coaches on this platform about their perspective lol and yes I am fully aware of the courses and certifications, which I plan on pursing and even receiving my masters although I don’t need any certifications and I don’t need a masters it’s just something I want as of right now !
Do you happen to know of any apprenticeships ? And yes I was planning on coming on here last night. I have everything typed out, but I guess it wasn’t the best of timing. Thanks again for your support, guidance, time and energy !

I’m a life coach and I coach other coaches to get clients and traction for their business. I’m happy to have a free call with you to help you get started. If you’re interested text me 540-849-5244 and we can set up a time. Thanks!

The market is saturated with Life Coaches. Have you earned a certification? Do you have a coach? Are you on LinkedIn or Facebook? There are a ton of groups on Facebook and so many coaches on Linkedin.

If you’re on Linkedin - connect with me with a note that you are you : www.linkedin.com/in/laura-a-cobb