I am a Pharmacist and Health Coach championing optimal health and wellness

Hi I’m Melisa. I’m a pharmacist and personal Health/Life Coach. For the past 30 years I have been the person everyone calls first for medical or drug advice before they call their doctor. I know personally the struggles with weight loss, chronic dieting, depression/anxiety, chronic stress and low self-esteem to just name the biggies. But despite all the insecurities and struggles, I’m drawn to people and want to encourage, support and help others. Over the past 3 years I discovered the power of the mind, food as medicine, and that changing my beliefs will change my identity. Because of the dramatic increase in chronic health conditions and metabolic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, mental health issues, IBS, etc), and more and more medications being prescribed and stacked on top of one another with no clinical improvements for my customers…I decided that it’s time to turn my passion into practical knowledge for the real skills people can use in everyday life that help them lose weight, gain energy, and transform your body, health and mind! So I quit fulltime pharmacy work 4 months ago to become a health and life coach :muscle: :clap:


Thanks, M. I appreciate the reply.

Hi Kelli,
Thank you for sharing your story and your struggles. It’s understandable that you are angry at the medical and science community. There are a lot of fractures in the current system.

Intermittent Fasting and low carb dieting can be very effective, when done the right way, for weight loss, controlling diabetes and optimizing metabolism, energy, and healing. Food is medicine and should be the first step in any treatment or wellness plan.

I am glad you are being proactive and researching options. What works for one person will not work for everyone. Our bodies are very unique and you will need to find what works best for you. I remember all the fad diets and pills too. Knowledge is key! I was like you thinking low fat and sugar free was good for me…our food system is very corrupt. Just like “there’s a pill for that” or “I need a quick fix” thinking. I’m glad it pisses you off! Me too! That’s what it takes to get you motivated to take action! The REAL fix will always take time, the right steps, a good system, and support! That’s what I offer through the coaching.

And YES!! Let’s CELEBRATE the wins for sure!! Those kind of wins take a whole heart commitment to habit change and celebrating the little wins every day is what we all need!!

Thank you for trusting me with your experience and applauding me. I applaud your awareness! Change is a hard step to take. But when I hear the passion in your story, I know it’s worth it!