I am a Personal Trainer and I specialize in Functional Backcare!

Who I am!
My name is Nakato Blair and I’m here to help you heal your back pain for good.
I am a certified Personal Trainer and a Fitness Expert for the last 35 years and have helped people all over the world to not only get in excellent shape but at the same time, heal whatever back pain or other physical issues that may arise. I am also co-founder of Double Impact Fitness, Inc. which I created with my twin sister in Atlanta 15 years ago and we have had extraordinary results with our brand, " Exercise Is Healing". My specialty is back care, alleviating pain and restoring functional health through exercises that work. WE are published in magazines, we have been experts on radio and television both on NBC and Good Morning America with our
" I Got Your Back" program which GMA featured in their back care series. I am skilled and experienced with specificity training for back care as well as traditional weight training for women and men. Recently I trained principal actors on the OWN Network as I prepared them for their upcoming seasons of shows. I also work with “Everyday People” to help alleviate pain and get back into shape after an accident, an injury or just years of neglect of exercise.
I begin our healing sessions wherever you are and love what I do as I am going into my 35th year of expertise and result oriented training. I decided to concentrate on TalkTime with specific issues, relating to back pain as studies show that 80% of men and women in the world suffer from some type of back pain.

Session Costs
$75 to $95 per session depending on how acute or how mild your back issue is. We will talk about that on your first 1 hour session as I take you through a series of initial exercises to determine what you will need in length of time and weeks of time.
Packages come in 8 , 10 or 12 sessions per package. Time is 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions
8 sessions $95 per session= $760
10 sessions $85 per session=$850
12 sessions $75 per session= $900

How To Pay
I receive Cash App and Square where you can utilize any Major Credit Card ; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery or Bank Debit Card
Sessions are paid upfront and we schedule according to your needs.

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