I am a LIFE & CAREER COACH FOR WOMEN (looking for help with your feedback)



I have been a Certified Life & Career Coach for Women since 2018 and was doing it Part-time. I was not happy with my 9-5 and left to start my own Coaching business. After leaving my corporate job I was on a hunt to find fulfillment in my life and I stuck to what was true to me and my calling and that was to empower women of all walks of life to reach their highest self.

I Also have a non profit in Haiti that focuses on Women empowerment and child development, areas I am truly passionate about.

I have worked with many women my most success was helping women that were in a Womens Shelter with life and career coaching that were trying to start over from bad relationships, became homeless due to job loss, failed businesses and so on. There is were I noticed that women from all walks of life can be homeless or just need help and not look like it at all and that we as women try to put all the weight of the world on our shoulders and we don’t have to there are people like me that love what they do and want to help women succeed and this is where my life and Career coaching for women began.

I want to provide the best for my client so I am currently going for my N.L.P Practitioner certification and looking for help on m coaching and honest feedback. I go for the Boards in January and really looking for help with feedback as well as having some more practice with coaching under my belt to present before I go get my certification

reach out via email, phone it cost nothing. Or you can also go to my website to schedule a time I need all the Feedback and practice I can get.

schedule time that works for you - https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=16666561&appointmentType=8163182

Your can also email me: n.saintgermain@naomiscoaching.com

Website : If you want to know more about me www.naomiscoaching.com

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to get your feedback soon!

Naomi Saint Germain,C.P.C


I will be reaching out, I need some assistance.

Hi, I am a coach and can help with some feedback.

I’d love the opportunity to help out and give you some feedback. I’ve made an appointment using your link. Have a restful and stressful weekend!

Awsome I did get your appt. Thank you I look forward to the feedback :slight_smile: