How to switch your parenting style

**hi **
this is my first post, as i’m looking for new forums and more people to help.
I am a mother, and I practice different parenting styles in my day to day life.
there are many different styles, hardcore, freerange, gentle, controlled, independent, the list goes on.
**what I do
I help others to choose a parenting style they would like to work towards and we set small goals and steps to help on your journey.

now I know most people think they are the best parent in the world, but all kids are different, and all kids react to other styles, that their parents do not practice.
at the end of the day my only goal is to help you and your child have the best possible relationship

other things I can work with are as followed
picky eating (autistic/non)
how to control yourself/ your child
working through specific behavior issues

I have helped so many people and i’d love to help you with your parenting questions/concerns/styles

reach out to me anytime :slight_smile:
you can also find me on tumblr @ mamascorner <-- all one word