How to survive narcissistic abuse and divorce!

After being married to a narcissist for 10 years, I was granted a divorce from him on July 26, 2018. To this very day he is still giving me a hard time (total understatement). I have to keep in contact with him because we have children together. Luckily, due to my background in the legal field, I was familiar with the legal process of divorce and knew which tools to use in my divorce to further protect myself and my rights to my children.

I can offer coping skills and give you ways to win the “game”, which I often compare to chess, due to the need to carefully plan and document in order to protect yourself. I have a Bachelor’s of Science decree in Sociology with an emphasis in Psychology and have taken numerous Master’s level counseling Psychology courses; I didn’t finish because I was going through a divorce with an unsupportive narcissistic and felt I need not spread myself too thin during that time.

I looked for help and was lost regarding his behavior until I began to realize he was a narcissist. I didn’t know whom to talk to or identify with. I am definitely someone who has been through it and am easy to talk to. I typically like to use humor as a coping tool so if that’s not your thing, fair warning. :laughing: