How to start online training

Hello! My name is Cody Taylor and I’m from Lewisburg, Tennessee. I love exercising and helping others reach there full potential, but I have a problem. After Covid, I parted ways with my gym and I’ve applied for every gym I possibly could, and still haven’t gotten any luck. I understand this is part of the process, but I miss being a trainer/coach. I’ve been considering on starting online training so I can help others achieve there goals, polish up my programing skills, and just work on becoming a better trainer, while I still search for a gym. I’m unsure on how to start up online training for myself. If you can offer help or recommend someone who can, please do!

Hi Cody! I was working in a company called CureFit healthcare which also was into fitness sessions. In COVID, they started online sessions through their app and suceeded. Search about them. You can explore Zoom, MSTeams, BlueJeans, Hopin, GoogleMeet for sessions. Some of these may be free in your country. I too do trainings but mostly behavioural trainings. You can connect with me at


There are a couple of ways you can do this. You can have a You Tube channel and do memberships, where some of the workouts are free (like some basics and some 10 minute ones) and then the longer ones and new routines are locked for paid members.

The Fitness Marshall who is HUGE and wildly successful follows this model on You Tube.

There is also these suggestions (the two trainers I have worked with both used Trainerize)

Best of luck!

there are a number of online training platforms out there. DM me and I’ll point to the one I used in the past.

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Best of luck to you in your new ventures ! Hope to see you join the group soon.