How to reduce stress and anxiety

Hello, my name is Dyana from Montreal, Quebec Canada. This is my first time in here and I’m looking forward to help people with my experiences and make new friends. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a friend in a time like this? I learnt a lot from life and one of them is that there’s always space to make new friends and experiences. Let’s just talk about everything and find ways to reduce the stress and anxiety. Sometimes, all it takes is one person and I want to be that person.

Things we’ll cover are:

  • what are the causes for your stress or anxiety
  • how to eliminate them
  • how to prevent yourself from them
  • different ways of preventing that ACTUALLY works

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments. Also if you want to be anonymous there’s no problem at all. This is all about how to make people comfortable, so no worries.
*Please give me 24hrs to reply to your comments.


  • private 1-on-1*

  • price: 30/hr

  • location: zoom, Skype, FaceTime, phone

Payments accepted

  • PayPal or E-transfer(only in Canada)

How to buy

  • Direct message me if interested. I will contact you within 2 business days by sending you a message on Talktime.

Interview with Talktime

What can you talk about for hours?

*My crazy and fun childhood

What’s your favorite smell?


What’s one super power you would NOT want?

  • reading people’s mind

**What is the most normal thing about you?

  • I don’t chew loud

What do you hate?

  • I hate when people wake me up to ask me a stupid question

My teaching style

  • First listen carefully and find suitable solutions

What can you expect from my lessons?

  • results of our journey and an actual friend

Why me?

  • because there’s no a better way to learn how to reduce stress and anxiety from a young girl who can UNDERSTAND you and give advices from PERSONAL EXPERIENCES

Why I’m passionate about this?

  • because I know how hard it gets and I WISH someone was there for me.

What else I can do?

  • do out of work activities sometimes or just hang out