How to improve your manifestations much faster

I have two very easy answers to this, which are very connected.

The first is that you spend most of your time thinking about negative things in your life (problems, bills, finances, bad relationships, bad memories… not to mention everything, you figured out the point).

Someone might say “yes but I take time every day to think about the positive things I want”, maybe but can you compare the time you spend thinking about the good things and the time you spend thinking about the bad? Do you see the point now?

You spend a lot more time on negative thoughts than on positive ones, that’s why negative things happen to you more often than positive ones. Simply change that relationship of time you dedicate to positive and negative things and you will see how things will get better.

The universe is moving very fast and it loves speed, once you really decide to change yourself, you will be surprised at how fast things around you change.

The second thing that is very important and related to the first.

Have you heard the expression: “be careful what you wish for, it might just come true”?

Make a wish

That is not far from the truth, I will now explain to you how it goes.
Literally to every prayer, desire, aspiration, or goal of yours, but also to every emotion, thought and energy, the universe responds “Yes, as you wish”.

Sounds familiar? But this is not a cartoon, this is real-life, and believe it or not, it works, every time.
So if you say, and this is very important, if you FEEL that you are rich, the universe will answer “Yes, as you wish” and it will give you, but if it is not strong emotion you will not send strong energy and a sign to the universe, you will probably get some minor financial relief, and that’s it. In order to live in abundance, you must become abundance. It’s not a 15-minute exercise… it’s a way of life.

My dears, the next time when you asking for something from the universe, be sure that it will answer “Yes, as you wish”, now that you know this, choose your questions carefully.

Much love :heart: