How do I get out of retail management

Hello talktime community. I would love to start a discussion about how to transition out of retail management. I have worked in retail my whole career and do not have a bachelor’s degree. I am the sole provider of my family of 5. I have many skills that range from the creative side to business organization. If anyone in this community has experience and success with getting out of retail, I would love to hear about it.

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First of all i have no experience or success

Second of all from what i can understand is you want to quit retail management
And find other jobs that you do best of

Well i reccomend pick the ones which you do really good job at and then find those jobs on websites and also in talktimers (post a post about jobs you do best of) etc

Hope i helps and sorry if i get this wrong

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Sometimes a degree doesn’t matter as much, just as long as you know how to do your job.
You have had the same job for 5 years, maybe right now you don’t notice all the skills that you learned.
I recommend to do a list about the skills that you have and in which job you could use them.
After that you should focus on your career plan and star working towards it, otherwise you’ll get stuck again.
Regaling the courage to do what you want to do and what will make you happy. You can do this.


In many cases, your management experience can be substituted for degrees. Just because a posting states a bachelor’s degree is preferred doesn’t mean they wont take your experience into consideration. What industries have you been thinking about?


Hi Heidi. I have been thinking about Project Management/ Coordinater. Being in Retail gives you a multitude of skills but the most transferable to other jobs is communication and being solution based under pressure.


This is spot in and great advice in many industries. However, I think certain ones like tattoo artists, lawyers, doctors or public school teachers require a degree no matter what.

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Come on its 2020 generation ish lol

And what im about to say is not a gaureented solutionto get a job but i think i would do it if im in your situation which is

We can talk to the job givers (boss or interviewer)via chat or face to face

Be yourself ask questions like
I have 5 years of experience but i don’t have a degree will that be a problem?
And just be yourself if you be yourself your unique and the job giver might reconsider if he only accepts those workers who have a degree

And im not 100 percent sure so if the job giver feels friendly go on do the above thing is strict based then just ask that question and be a gentle gal

Hope i helped a bit

There are thousands of college graduates with no experience also looking. Do not be discouraged if you do not find a job right away.

  • Do not QUIT your job.
  • Customer Service/Support is the way to go. Because everything is remote, I suggest applying for those type of jobs.
  • Do not forget Part-time and Contract positions. These positions get overlooked but you can do these jobs while working, it will get your foot in the door, AND experience.

It was nice speaking to you. Let me know if you need additional help.

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You could use Coursera and EdX to get certified with those skills and that would look good on your resume.
If you have any other question or need help, contact me

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Yes as a former Project and Production manager I would agree! Management skills are tough to come by and very valuable. The rest is just logistics and training. Retail would carry over well into other areas like fashion, warehouse, or maybe even more creative places like media, publishing and production.

The internet is FULL of places to research new career opportunities and fields of study. Take some time to look into different industries and see what speaks to you!

Hi Sarah,

you are so lucky that your comunication and problem solving skills are qualifying you for Project Management and a lot of other jobs, so you not only have to base your next job on your skills.

This gives you the opportunity to also take into account your personality (what you like, like working indoor/outdoor, in a quite/busy environment. with people/things etc ) and, most importantly, your inner purpose for your life. Most people have a strong innner purpose, sometimes already since childhood (like something you want to improve in this world, how exactly you want to help others) , and when they align their job with their skills, personality AND purpose, they get energy from going to work instead of loosing energy.

I can help you find out more about it, just send me a message.

Hi! If your looking to start a new chapter in your life and you haven’t quite figured out how to do that I’d be more then happy to chat with you about this and let you know what I have to offer that could help guide you through this life change :slight_smile: I am a certified life coach and am currently taking new clients. So just let me know if it interests you :slight_smile:

Hola, Feliz día, antes de empezar cualquier cosa, busca tu DHARMA, encuentra que te hace feliz. Conéctate con tu pasión no con tu necesidad. Luego del confinamiento esta claro que hay un nuevo orden profesional donde el Marketing Digital tiene gran relevancia. Me encantaría poder seguir guiándote… Hasta pronto


Just leting ya know its better to type in English around here

Unless there are specific sub Categories made for Particular languages

Hi Sarah!

I struggled with this transition as well. I found a job as an activities assistant at a nursing home and had worked in senior care for over 5 years! I love working with seniors as it is rewarding and decently paying. It also provided me with many opportunities that have gotten me into my current career as an art teacher.

I encourage you to look into senior care.

What skills do you have, what do you want to do, what is your vision for your future?

This is what I would need to know so we can move you forward to what you really want.

p me a message and let’s chat