Honestly, becoming a life coach was a true challenge

I thought to myself… I love to help people…
People come to me with their problems…
And they trust me to help with the solutions.

It seemed like the perfect profession.
So I gathered information,
Took some classes,
Did a lot of online research…
And I jumped in.

One of the first things I did was hire a coach…
After all, if you want to sell coaching and think it is important, you really should have one.

So I signed on with a coach that seemed larger than life.
Someone who was bold, confident, and someone I could truly relate to.

She claimed to make multi-seven figures so I thought I was in like Flynn, so to speak.
I attended the classes, did the mindset work, and truly learned a lot about myself.

Mindset really helps, and I do believe fully in that.
I guess what I felt disheartened by was the lack of other resources.

I think I really longed for someone to offer me some options,
And even after the class,
I still felt lost.

I kept looking, researching, and finally eventually figured something out on my own…
All these larger than life internet gurus are trying to spin you around in circles.


Because that’s how they make their money.
They make their money from making everyone think that running an online business is so freakin hard that you need them…
That you buy the next package,
Take the next course,
Do a million masterclasses and seminars,
Hoping and praying to get some clients,
To make some money.

You have good stuff to offer,
You may even know how you want to present it.
But if you are online trying to take top billing over some internet marketing guru…
You’re likely exhausted.
Tired of spending all your time marketing to the crickets.

So what do you need to do?

First, stop thinking that you will get the information you want for free. They only give you the fluff for free. And honestly, I have taken several such courses only to find out that they seemingly offer these classes so you come out more confused and more sure that you’ll need more information to make it float.

Many first-time internet entrepreneurs don’t know what a Niche is, how to create an email list, how to put up posts on social media, what docs you need to start your own business, and how to create relationships with their clients.

The last thing they need is some creative funnel building strategy…

But let’s think about this in a slightly different way…how many new clients do you need to start?
Would 10 good solid leads be an excellent start?
How about 20?

See most of us haven’t even thought about that.
There are plenty of clients if you are looking to start out at only 10-20 clients.
While there is much hoopla about creating marketing funnels to get in tons of clients…
If you are actually doing it right, once you get the clients, they should continue on with you, shouldn’t they?

I mean if you need to keep getting new clients every day to stay afloat,
Maybe you need a different strategy, not more clients.

You see the new wave of marketing is well, quite frankly, completely overwhelming.
But what does it really take to get clients?
Not a cool funnel but the ability to sell yourself.
And selling yourself is not easy,
Especially if you are not really sure who you are, who you are selling to, or what you are selling.
Getting to the root of these issues can be powerful when it comes to creating a good solid business.

Don’t get frustrated, there are tools and resources out there that can help you get and maintain your clients, cultivate leads, and help you save time and money…and most importantly to help you make more MONEY and get new CLIENTS.

And best yet, they don’t require endless hours of social media posting and complicated funnel creation.

I’m so much happier since I began running a coaching practice instead of an advertising agency.

And I know you too can be successful and happy doing what you love and running a successful coaching practice.

Is it work?
Yes, it absolutely is.

Is it incredible fun…

Can you actually do this and make a living at it?

My message to you…

Don’t give up.
If you have goals, a personal mission to help others, and want to create a life with lots of freedom…
Then the time to start is now.

Trust your calling and jump in with your whole heart and both feet.
I am happy to help. And if not me, then find someone who can truly provide you with the tools and resources you need to get your business off the ground.

Start-up costs on Life Coaching Services are very low, however, just like all businesses, there are some things that you need to get started. A good comprehensive coaching package that teaches not only mindset but also provides you with a variety of tools and resources offered by coaches who did the legwork themselves, is something you shouldn’t pass on.

It took me 2 solid years of research and trial and error to get to this place.
It was frustrating…
Several times I almost gave up.
But I stuck with it,

And today, I get to spend my time helping other women build their businesses and take their dreams to the next level…

And that lights me up.
I love to help others, especially women, embrace their power and take on their dreams.

Wanna be one of those women?

Then there are some things you need to truly understand…I call these the 10 Life Coaching Secrets. And these secrets can help you to better understand where you are going wrong and what you need to do next.
Just click below I’ll send you the 10 Life Coaching Secrets absolutely FREE.
Stop wondering what you’re doing wrong and start moving in the right direction…today!
And if you have any questions, please reach out. I am happy to help in any way possible.


Thank you so much for writing this! It truly was wonderfully written and easy to read. I am currently on the adventure of trying to become a life coach. Unfortunately, circumstances have made it where I can only access the free items of short $7 class on occasion. Reading this was inspiring and honest which is much needed.

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Good morning!

How are you doing. i always wanted a life coach, and i am still talking to a person about life coaching. I know they have packages for people, but like you said it’s a process. Thank you

Well, I am happy to talk with you about this. Why don’t you set up time for a free zoom call. :slight_smile: Thanks! Here’s my link if you’re interested: https://letsmeet.io/biggirlpantieson/discovery-call

Feel free to set up a free call. Here’s my booking link: https://letsmeet.io/biggirlpantieson/discovery-call