Hollywood actress teaches acting and helps start your career as a professional!

Hi! I’m a veteran actor, model, longtime SAG/AFTRA member, and Adjunct Professor of Acting at an accredited university. I help people start their acting careers quickly and professionally! I’m constantly asked about the industry, and how someone can start working as an actor. I educate and answer questions about the film and television industry, acting techniques, casting process, how to book jobs, about the unions, representation and helpful tips to avoid mistakes! There’s a LOT to know, and I make sure it’s first hand, correct information combined with proven acting techniques.
I offer group and individual classes on The Business of Acting , Acting 1 (Improvisation) , Cold Reading, Screen Acting, Advanced Screen Acting, and Acting in TV Commercials.
Or, if you simply need some “talk time” about the industry, and have some questions to ask, I’d be happy to schedule that as well!
I’ve worked on hundreds of projects, ( Modern Family, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Scrubs, Cougar Town, Desperate Housewives, The O.C., etc…) side by side with the best in the business! I’d love to help you with your goals!
Let’s talk!

Career Consultation / Mentoring Session: 1 hour - $100
Business of Acting Class : Four -2 hr. classes - $650
Cold Reading Technique: Four-2 hr. classes - $650
Acting 1 (Intro into Acting) : Four - 2 hr. classes - $650
Screen Acting: Four- 2 hr. classes- $650
Advanced Screen Acting : Four -2hr. classes- $650
Acting in TV Commercials : Four-2 hr. classes- $650

Group Tuition Rates:
2-3 Students : $550 per student for classes offered.
4 Students: $500 per student for classes offered.

Modern Family Modern Family with Ty Burell & Kevin Hart / ABC


I absolutely love what you do! Wow! I know this year has been hard on the “industry” and I hope you are continuing to forge ahead! I’m a Transformational Coach and Speaker. I don’t act, I just encourage people in the arts…Although, I have always wanted to get into voiceovers! Anyway, have a Happy Holiday Season, be well and stay powerful!

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Thanks Charlotte! I’ll check out your page…hopefully we can all recommend / refer each other on here! What area of the country are you in?

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Right, that’d be great! I live in Mississippi but, I’m from Michigan.