Holistic Health Coaching , stop Yo-Yo dieting and start loving your body and your life

I help men and women reclaim their health by managing their weight, energy, and stress without militant workouts or deprivation dieting. I love to empower them to become the best version of themselves.

HI I am Grace from Detroit, Michigan. I am the person you call when you are done with Yo-Yo diets and want to be comfortable in your body and love who you are. Let’s face it HEALTHY is the new skinny and that means in your body and mind. That is something I struggled with my whole life. I just thought if you were skinny you were happy and healthy, well that is just not the truth. I suffered from anorexia for quite a few years until I understood how to love myself. It is the same for losing weight it is an emotional and spiritual journey as well. Its a coat of emotions that we wear when we are too skinny or overweight. I have helped well over 100 people understand how to nourish their body and minds so they do not have to diet any more to obtain the body they have always wanted.

Services I offer:
Private 1-on-1 Health and Wellness Transformational Coaching

How to buy:
Program price: $2,300
Length: 12 weeks
Meet: 1 time a week
Session length: 60-90 minutes
Location: Zoom
Ask questions in the comments. Direct message me if interested.


I grew up in a world where nothing was ever good enough. “Oh you got a B, why not an A”? “You should have better friends.” You probably won’t be able to get into PT school, that’s for really smart people” You see, I grew up in a strict Italian household where my parents fought most of my life while my sister and I sat on the side lines until they finally got divorced when I was 14 yrs old.

We felt like we were not seen or heard. What we said wasn’t valid.
Just asking them for something seemed like an imposition in my eyes. This was probably not true, but this is how I was interpreting the people and world around me at that time.

My parents loved us and did the best they could with what they had.
Little did I know how this would affect my life growing up.

I always thought that for the most part I was doing ok during those years, but looking back now. I know I wasn’t.

I thought I wasn’t skinny enough to be loved and had a distorted view of my body that created a very unhealthy relationship with food and made it really hard to have children.

Somehow, against all my inner demons, I managed to go to college and eventually became a P.T., got married and had two kids.

The plan was always for me to be a stay at home mom.
So I stayed at home, and it made me depressed. To be totally honest, this had been a huge transition from before when I was working and being surrounded by great co-workers in a busy out-pt clinic where I thrived, to now where I alone at home feeling like I’d lost my way.

I started drinking, soon after I was put on Anti-depressants and it wasn’t long before I started to feel totally numb. This was not me. I knew it wasn’t, but I wasn’t sure what to do about it.

One day, I remembered taking a Yoga class - years before - and how I had really enjoyed it. I thought that maybe this could be something I could do while I stay home with my child.

I took Yoga teacher training and the fog started to lift. Doing conscious breathing, movement and the community brought me back stronger than ever.

As I learned meditation, I started to learn who I really was. I started to really listen to my thoughts and my emotions and what my body and mind were trying to tell me all along.
That I am worthy of loving myself and being loved, that I have a right to be seen and heard and what I had to say was actually important.

Looking in the mirror, I started to see the beauty that had always been there.
My struggle with food dissipated. As I was studying nutrition I learned if I nourished my body in a supportive way that I could carry a healthy weight and feel good with an abundant amount of energy, energy that I had always lacked.

But the biggest thing that happened to me was I didn’t feel like a prisoner in my own mind any.

The theme of my life up to this point was always putting others first because I didn’t feel worthy enough and didn’t love myself enough to realize that if I put myself first and learn how to love myself then I am able to love and give more to others.

If you have ever flown before you know they teach you to put the oxygen mask on you before you help others. The same rules apply in life.


~Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Transformational Coach recognized by the International
Coaching Federation

~Registered Yoga Teacher

~Reiki Master

~Licensed Physical Therapist

Who this is for?

Health and Wellness Coaching is for someone who is sick and tired of Yo-Yo dieting, read all the book, done all the fad diets and gets overwhelmed thinking of how and what to lose weight. Always putting others first and do not feel worthy enough to take time for yourself. They want to live a higher quality of life but do not know where to start.

What I will do?

I help people understand how to nourish their unique body so they can be at a healthy weight and have increased energy without deprivation dieting. We do this by looking at someone’s habits, and letting go of which ones are not serving them any longer. A lot of our habits are derived by our beliefs, which form when we grow up and the people and environment around us. We start to change our beliefs to more positive ones with mindset growth exercises and implementing small manageable changes to their lifestyle every week until the habits and belief change to more of a positive ones and its just what you do naturally.


At the end of my program my clients gain a significant mindset shift to more of a positive inner dialogue. They feel more confident in their body image physically and mentally. They have more energy in their bodies and experiencing more success in all areas of their lives.

Why me

One client I worked with struggled with an eating disorder for most of her life which stemmed from her 20’s. She had gone to Weight Watchers, Medical Weight loss Clinic, nutritionist and dieticians but nobody had helped her lose weight. Once she started my program, she lost 25 lbs in the first two months. She realized she was filling a void of wanting her moms love and approval all of her life, and everyone else’s as well. The binging stopped and she started to feel worthy and love for herself. She is now on her way to becoming a Social Worker and wanting to help others that struggle.

I understand first hand what it like to not be happy or comfortable in my own body. I know how it feels to not be confident and not feel free to live your truth.

I understand first hand what it’s like to put everyone else first and not make any time for yourself. I understand what it’s like to lose yourself. I know how depressing it can be. I also know that, whilst it was challenging for myself and others at first, making time for myself and reconnecting with myself served everyone in the long term. Me being me was what they needed and what I needed. Me being a servant, didn’t give me what I needed and gave them less than what I fully am.

Fun Fact about me:
I love yoga and being at the beach