Holistic Health Coach- women's gut +hormone health

Hello! I provide holistic health coaching for women who want to work intimately with a health care professional regarding gut + hormone health, relationship with food, period problems, nutrition education, stress management + more.

My name is Stephanie Schick and I am from Providence Rhode Island! I was certified as a holistic health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and this is my TRUE passion. I got into health coaching because of my own health journey with my gut and hormone health, so I have been where you are and I know what it is like to feel so disconnected with your body! My mission is to empower women to heal themselves through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

I work intimately with my clients. I offer multiple options for coaching.
One time Wellness Audit: for clients not ready to commit to long term coaching, and want a one time call. This is a 60 minute call that is client led. The client will be given 3-6 take away action steps that they can do, and an email follow up support for a week.
Price: 247
Location: Zoom

Private Health Coaching: This is for clients who are ready to dive deep and change their life. Private Coaching is a three month minimum commitment, and we work intimately together. We will have bi- weekly 60 minute zoom calls, 24/7 access to me via Voxer, access to all my group programs, resources, and E-books, and most importantly, accountability.
Price: 950/month. Payment plans available.
Location: Zoom

Group Program
Fuel to Function- 90 Day Program
If you’re someone who wants to be confident in their body, understand how to nourish and fuel themselves for energy + positivity every day, and feel in control, then you’ve come to the right place, sis❤️
FTF is NOT your one size fits all, 30 day diet plan, weight loss promising, stress- inducing, unsustainable program that you come across wayyy to easily these days.
In FTF, I take you through 5 PACKED sections, with up to 50 different modules to guide you to your goals.
Heres the deets:

    We talk about what to expect inside the program, set up our weekly zoom calls, create personal goals, and talk through how you can be successful during our 90 days together.
    We go over the gut microbiome, the development of the gut, epigenetics, feeding your gut microbiome, healthy poops, IBS, and nutrition for the FTF program! Here is where the EDUCATION is. (Education —> Empowerment)
    We address gut- hormone connection, eating for healthy balanced hormones, healthy cycles, and common symptoms of hormone imbalances.
    We cover stress and its effect on diet and your body, inflammation, the importance of “rest and digest”, stress management, and sleep.
    This is where the real magic happens. Here you have tools to guide you through grocery shopping, snack ideas, going out to eat, alcohol, suggested supplements, meal ideas, and how to make your own fermented foods😉
    My goal is for you to understand your body better and how to fuel it properly for long term health! You are going to feel SO DANG EMPOWERED.
    Price: 2500
    Location: Zoom, Kajabi

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