-Hold On- When Life Feels Too Hard

When you feel like life is too hard, hold on. When you feel like letting go, hold on. Life is steady changing. What is causing your pain now will get easier in time.

You will look back and see all that you would have missed if you hadn’t held on.

I’ve been there, so I know. The struggle can be so much to bear. Thoughts of dying can consume you and keep you down. Just hold on and the feeling will pass. Even if it is a year or two from now, things will change and get better.

We need to believe that tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow only exists if God allows it. Tomorrow is a promise to no one.

I spent a lot of my life thinking, “If I make it through today, will tomorrow be the same?” That way of thinking certainly kept me depressed. However, everyday WAS the same. Hardship and pain.

Now, I can honestly say that life is better and I am only here because I could hold on.

Brittany Gunderson Author and Happiness/Mental Health Life Coach