Hidden Growth during Hard Times

Hi everyone,

Today I want to have a more direct chat with you all, so here is a video from my youtube channel in which I share some musings on hardship, personal growth, and the surprising goodness of a world that seems harsh.

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Dear Journal,

I watched a video today that was so in depth yet so simple at the same time. I felt like there was a big metaphor in the whole video as well as smaller double meanings in the entire video. Then I started understanding my capacity to overthink. The meaning of life and the video. What the intentions of the video was, who should feel the hardship yet also what life has intended for us. The call to action yet humanities cognitive bias and their limits. I felt the switch towards the end when I finally just stopped thinking and started listening. I learned a lot today. I am very thankful. I wouldn’t forget to like and comment on the video.

Yours Truly,


Hi Sarah,

I’m so glad it was meaningful for you! I plan on making more of these for my clients and the community in the future. I figure, although I usually explore ideas like the ones in the video when I’m working with someone, some of them are messages I feel should be shared with you and the rest of the community.

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Dear Alex,

The world/we’ll be looking forward to it :slight_smile: