Hi, Its me Khaylia

Hi, It’s My khaylia well Im Back, and it’s been a while since I been on Talktime well I just have something to say Why is it so hard to like a person or love them? Why

Welcome back to the community, Khaylia.

I think the first question to answer here is, do you have a strong motivation to have a good relationship with this person in the first place? If there is no good reason to have a relationship with this person to begin with, then would you say it’s basically a waste of your energy?

If you do have a good reason to foster a good relationship with this person, though, then what is it that gets in the way of liking/loving them? Is it fear, intimidation, contempt, anger, distrust, shame, or something else?

Do you know what voice in your head is telling you that you shouldn’t like them or love them? Are you listening to what it’s telling you specifically?

Does the person push your buttons in a big way? If so, which ones?

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