Hi! :) I provide affordable holistic coaching (astro energies, relationships + health)

My services:

Private 1-on-1

  • Price:
    $10 — Holistic measures to healing a specific health concern (weight, skin, genitals, etc)
    $15 — Relationship healing + healing from your toxic relationship
    $20 — General (Tropical or Vedic) astrological chart breakdown

  • Payment:
    The Services tab at

How to buy:
Comment below if you have questions or DM me if you’d like to buy.

Hi! With my spiritual awakening, I’ve learned how to use my “sensitivity” in a way that aligns with my passion for helping others discover/restore their light, as well as keep myself balanced! I am in no way here to be viewed as the “almighty one”, because I too am imperfect. Yes, over many, many inner and outer struggles, I’ve figured out how to cope faster and effectively, so sharing those tips + connecting with you guys and your own concerns, is something that flows naturally.

What is this:
Overall, I am offering holistic health coaching. Holistic health is the combining of body, mind and spirit (while “regular” health, is more so concerned with the body & science based contributions alone).
I use astrological, as well as nutritional factors, to really dig deep and find aids and solutions that will lead you to authentic, soul-igniting, fulfillment :slight_smile::sparkles:

What problem do you solve:
I help others to fill their own voids by being an aid in the unveiling of the magic that they, this earth and this universe, possess.

Who is it for:
My coaching is for those you have been “broken” and are struggling to hold things together. Be it mentally, physically or emotionally, I seek to provide the tools needed to not “spoon feed” advice but to really open their eyes to their own strengths and leave each client able to move forward solid in themselves.

Who do you enjoy working with:
I love to work with good hearted people who may have found themselves exposed to unfavorable situations that chipped away at them. I am a firm believer that good people can thrive in what’s typically seen as a “cold world”.

How will you help someone:
I do a deep astro chart analysis (for those who have chosen help in relation to this category), which will help to give a better understanding of the self, which in turn promotes the re-activation of self-love overtime due to self-acceptance. Also, I share holistic tips on how to heal mental health issues, STD’s, weight issues, etc. *** all tips are taken from extended research & proven successes.

Why are you passionate about this:
I am passionate about this because I know first hand how it feels to be down and out in various ways and I feel for those who have/are going through it as well.

What’s your teaching style:
I like to keep things very friendly. I don’t consider myself as “higher” than anyone, as I am human too. We all are just more drawn to certain professions by nature and this one happens to be one of mine! :slight_smile:

What are your expectations:
I expect for those interested to keep an open mind, especially when it comes to astrological matters. Many people see it as “hog wash” but it’s likely due to the vagueness of many horoscopes, but personal natal chart readings go much deeper than general energies and are extremely beneficial to deeply rooted self-improvement. Also PATIENCE is a virtue! A lot of the holistic measures in regards to nutrition only show results with consistency & time.

What happens after someone buys:
After your purchase you will receive a personal message from me & I will begin working on your order based on when it is received. If further information is needed, I will contact you so please keep a lookout or turn on the related phone notifications!

Fun fact about me:
I’m also a freelance makeup artist (shout out to my Vedic Libra midheaven :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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