Hey wsup! I'm an adjunct professor & music producer

Hey wsup! I had a great time today on the 11 am (central) zoom webinar. My name is Rick but most people in the music industry call me Oshay and I am a Nashville-based music creator, educator, and entrepreneur. I currently teach a course called Hip-Hop Production Techniques at Belmont University. I have been producing and teaching music production, music technology, and music business for over 10 years. I am exciting to join the Talktime community and I look forward to getting to know and working with as many within this community as possible.


Hey Oshay wsup! I’m here from the music biz too, I’m Lydia, sometimes I’m Valkyrie, always the Improvisant. I may hit you up real quick, gotta make a recording tonight and need to set up my Presonus audio interface so it does something - it’s new to me. I kinda get in my own way sometimes with my perfectionism… I just wanna PLAY and WRITE but I also wanna DO IT MYSELF, feel?

Hey wsup. I totally get it. Just hmu and lmk if you’re using a mac or pc and what kind of interface it is

Hey Rick! Nice to see you on here! It was a great session yesterday and I’m checking your posts out because my son is a musician and he may be interested in getting involved in this community as well. Love your intro!! :clap:t3:

Thank you so much! Nice to meet you and I plan to be finished with setting up my page by tomorrow.

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