Here are two poems I wrote, have you written any? Share them!

I enjoy poetry! Share your poetry and the background if you wish.
The first one is about a girl I fell for. She doesn’t feel the same way about me, but we still remain really good friends. We met through our schooling which should be in person, but is online due to covid, so we haven’t met in person yet.

The second poem is about the internal battle between waiting for marriage to have sex. I respect everyone for their beliefs, but this is apart of what I believe in. Anyways let me know your thoughts, and I hope you have a great time!
Like driftwood in oceans current
We follow the path he has set
Alas the waves are emergent
Fear we know not, his ways we’ve bet
We trust in God that we’ll be okay
Through the night and into day
Like driftwood in oceans current
You and I bumped to become friends
So we did despite deterrent
Destined to suffer bittersweet ends
Although with time our paths will part
Grateful I am you shared your heart
Like driftwood in oceans current
Your blah blah blah seems quite urgent
I’m excited to see us meet
The day will bring us a nice treat
I try to show patience, it’s fake
I’m excited for what you’ll bake

“That strong desire.”
A power that is widely known
tramps around me as I’m alone
“Powerful” she admits to be
as she seeks to overcome me

I stand little chance in this place
while she taunts me with her case

“Only a moment it will take
to know the pleasure that’s at stake.
Act according to this I plead
the lust is good 'tis what you need.”

Her presence is so strongly there
But it’s required that I must bear
the constant case she tempts to me
so that one day I may be free.

Once eternity has been sealed
Across an alter where we kneeled
I will gloriously pursue
this power that has changed anew.
No longer tempting she will be
Rather prompting for unity.

As for now I lay on a bed
Hopeful I wait for what was said
“You will receive a blessed lady
who wants to call you my matey.”

Alas I say to this power
who wants my future to sour.
“Not yet my friend I may be weak,
but there’s a promise I’m to keep.”

That I made long ago to God
see He’s the way, my guide, my rod.
He is the pur’ty that protects
me from choosing unlawful sex

Now run your course as you desire.
As it is time that I retire.
“See you soon.” I surely do say
For you will come every new day.

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This is beautiful! Btw, if you are “just friends” now because she does not feel the same way, I have good news for you. All great relationships start with a friendship and the longer you are friends, the more you share and the closer you get. It happens that long-term friends become a successful couple because there is an established trust (the base of every healthy relationship) and authenticity. You already know all the good and bad things about each other because you were just friend and there was no pressure of presenting yourself a certain way to be accepted as a romantic partner. So keep the friendship since it opens all kinds of future possibilities :wink: And good luck!

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I wrote this one not too long ago :triumph:

I pray your evening is well,

it must be full of sleeplessness

Do you feel safe,

having those beautiful eyes,

those beautiful knees,

that beautiful smile,

I pray you do not block yourself out,

from this world, a tight incubator, let it warm up, let it give its offspring

If you happen to be inside,

do not feel at rest for thou eyes endure to be committed to,

And if he calls,

do you rage or cry,

Do not cry,

as he will sing for you,

a sad song, a tiresome one,

he will sing till’ the river dries

A foo’ must act in quickness,

to subdue the mistakes of man,

force his way into the beautiful mind, of a deep creature

Is the creature nice,

Is the head big,


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What’s the background for this one?

It was abstract. But imaging it’s an apology letter to a woman. Only the setting is on Mars in the near future once Elon Musk sends everyone over there.

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