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Hi I’m Cody Taylor from Lewisburg, Tennessee. I’m currently a fast food manger, but my true passion is health. I have certifications (NASM and Certified Functional Strength Coach), as well as experience with working in a gym for a little over a year. I am still young in this business and eager to always learn more to become better. I recently came up with an idea that would require me to develop a website or an application but I have absolutely no experience or knowledge on how to even begin. If you can help or recommend help, please do!


Hi Cody. It’s normal to start without any experience. We’re creative people start from little to no experience as well. I’m happy that you already have some ideas. My suggestion is to take less complicated approach. I rather recommend you start develop your content on blogger or Wordpress. Try something simple that you can do and at the end of each day when you work on your project write down your thoughts and notes about your approaches and the process of creating your work, like how long you take to write an article and what to do to make it look better and what you need to make it look better.

To visualise your website, you can sign up for Wix, a free platform for website creator. This platform works like a scrap book that you can put contents on the way you want it to look. No coding skill is needed to start using the platform as well.

To start your idea, you can follow trends and pick some keywords that people will mostly click to see. You don’t need to take a lot of marketing courses to do that but if you want there’re many free courses just for that online. Anyway you can learn in your free time. Right now for finding keywords it’s just as easy as tapping on your smart phone screen. Yes, you can look for keywords on Twitter, Instagram and Buzzfeed. You can see trending hashtags on social media and that’s your keywords to start your content.

I hope I’ve helped you so far. You can leave me direct message or message on my post if you have any questions.


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Wix, Wordpress and Sitebuilder are all places to build websites or landing pages. godaddy does as well and you can also buy domain names there.

When you build your site it’s a good idea to use SEO Tools offered in the builders as this helps with search engine results.

You also want to establish your brand and name on social media and have one uniform “image”, color logo or look.

Mailchimp is a good resource for building email lists, since you might want one. is a good tool for designing graphics for social media, business cards etc. lots of free templates sizes graphics etc.

All have free options so your overhead will be less, and if you want to you can always pay to have others create custom designs for you once you get off the ground and have more money to spend.

I hope this helps! Best of luck to you.

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WordPress would be a great start! One of my favorite as well. I have created multiple WordPress websites and can help you if required. I would recommend you starting first by yourself and if you need any help message here. good luck…