Help/Tutor with Introductory Python Skills!

Fatuma Mohamed Omer
Pronounced: FAH-thoo-mo Moh-HAA-med OH-mer

My Services

  • $20 / 30 minutes
  • $45 / 60 minutes

About Me
Hello! My name is Fatuma Mohamed Omer, I am a current 3rd year studying Computer Science at Scripps College, and I would love to be your Intro Python tutor. I have been a tutor for the last 1.5 years while attending school, but due to the pandemic, this is the first semester in a long time where I haven’t been tutoring. Honestly, I miss it. It would always bring me such joy to help people with whatever they were working on, and hopefully, that person will be you!

Why Me?
I was once someone who was also completely lost in the sauce and confused by all the jargon of computer science and it can be overwhelming. I’ve been there and what I learned is that a great mentor is all you need to from being the one asking questions to answering them with a solid understanding. I want to be that mentor for you.

As I mentioned before, I was a tutor for the last 1.5 years before the pandemic hit, and the class I tutored for the most was heavily focused on Intro Python. I have been recommended by many of my former students to their friends and fellow classmates whenever they needed help with a homework assignment or were struggling with one of the concepts.

Not only that, but I was an instructor for Coding with Kids during the summer of 2019 where I taught a wide variety of ages, from students just starting kindergarten to sophomores in high school. I have linked my LinkedIn below if you are interested in looking at it.

Contact Info
Comment below if you have questions or DM me if you’d like to help me help you!

Hey Fatuma! I’m really enjoying this post! Great job. That’s awesome that you were an instructor for Coding with Kids in 2019. What did you see as the biggest struggle for kids when learning to code? What would you recommend to a parent who sees that their child is gifted but needs some additional motivation when they run into challenges?