Help me to gain my Coaching Diploma

I am an essay away from my Certificate, I am looking for two individuals who can make a commitment and take on a coaching self-discovery journey for free. DM me please if you are interested in.

Thank you
Take care


I would be interested in helping! Could you tell me more about the time commitment? I am in a similar situation as a Health Coach in my certification journey looking for clients to coach for FREE so I am happy to help you. I can be reached at - Laurie

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Hi Bernadett!
I’d love to participate in the coaching session you’re offering. Let me know how else can I help you.

Have a nice day
-Alejandra :slight_smile:

Hello Alejandra

Thank you for your response.

I will need to record (audio) three sessions, one of them would be my certifying piece, my mentor and two other board members will listen to the recorded session.

I study (Theory component is completed) with ANIMAS Centre for Coaching/ Regent’s University/ London.

I also study with The Mindsight Institute/ California and started to complete the IPNB (InterPersonal NeuroBiology) course.

I am based in the UK/ Ipswich. After 17 years of teaching in the Education Industry, I decided to set up my own business and coach.

I am a Trauma-Informed Transformational Coach ‘I can help you to better deal with career frustrations, overcoming past trauma or any other issues that need tackling, you can rely on my guidance and inspiration.’

I hope it gives you some insight of what I do and what with I seek help for.

Let me know where you are based as we might have time differences between us but we can work around the clock, and also your availabilities please.

Feel free to email me

Have a good day to you too