Help learning Product Ownership and Landing a Job

Hey all,

I’ve spent a few years in the product management space now and I’d like to help other individuals gain a better understanding of what it really means, the day to day work and how to get there. I’ve worked in a variety of spaces from architecture, management consulting, startups and healthcare. Happy to share documents and websites (with business information purged) so that you can expand on your own.

I can help you with:

  • Software - Jira, Linear, Midaxo, etc.
  • Skill Development - Planning, Stories, QA, etc.
  • Insights - day to day work, differences from online posting, differences between fields & companies, etc.
  • Introductions - What is product ownership, scrum, xp, kanban, etc. (These resources exist in abundance on Youtube but happy to help bridge any gaps)
  • General Help - Tips for landing a job, documents to leverage yourself, etc.

$15 per 30 minutes - If you preface what you’d specifically like to cover beforehand I can prep to maximize how much we can cover in that time :slight_smile:

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