Hello, Who lives in Colorado and what is your passion?

Hi, I’m Rev. Katie a native of Colorado, I’m 1/8th Cherokee. I help people as a whole system through Interfaith Spiritual Therapy. What is Interfaith Spiritual Therapy? IST has founded on the principle that all pathways lead to the same Prime Source Creator, who carries 99 names. We all have our own terms for our creator source. This principle is Love, love is in every religion. One must look beyond the limits of our minds and opinions and accept we are all here to learn and help one another.

This is my passion, to illuminate the dark recesses of our mind and create Light and Love. From here is where we will recover from the harshness of this world and find heaven from within.

I live in Colorado Springs and agree with your “singularity” notion of spirituality. Yes it all comes down to either love or its opposite, and decisions we make moment-to-moment as to which of these we are pursuing. The creative force or the destructive force. I’m not sure what my passion is, other than enjoying life with my wife and two grown sons. My job is 98% unfulfilling, but I’m probably not alone in that regard. Feeling a bit nervous as I’m 60 yrs old and (potentially anyway) in the prime of life and career, but if my current income goes away I have little confidence that I can find a replacement anytime soon. Age-ism. Anyway, hopefully I will find some new path for my wife and me to do something meaningful and good to help change the world for the better. We’d love to work together. Maybe at some point move to another country… Canada, perhaps? But that might be in the coming years, as opposed to months. Who knows. And you?

JG, I’d love the opportunity to chat with you. I offer 20-minute free consultations. I see you’d like to have a business with your wife and work together as a team, is that correct? There are many judgments in this world and being employed shouldn’t be one that holds us back. Please feel free to email me directly your info or you’re welcome to call me.

I look forward to chatting with you and your wife soon.

Your neighbor,
Rev. Katie Yavuz
720-270-8161 MST 10 am to 10 pm Monday - Sunday