Hello TalkTimers! Let's chat!

Hi everyone!! I’m Don.

I am new to talktime and wanted to learn more about the platform through your experience (instead of asking the staff) :smiley:

Drop your comments below, thank you!! :slight_smile:


I am very new and trying to navigate the website. So far it seems fairly simple. It’s nice to know I’m not the only new addition.


Hi there! yeah it’s great to we’re not alone in this new thing. :slight_smile: I did the 20min walk through and it looks simple indeed and with so many tools to use. thanks for dropping by!


Guys add me on the list too

As for me
I feel like the whole website was made just for me heheeh

I am confident i know the basics here so if you guys found a wall let me know i will help ya break it heheh

And watch them tutorial videos they will explain all basics and everything you need to know from asking for help to offering help


thanks Dave! glad to have you here :slight_smile:

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Yeah I did the walk-through as well. I am scheduled for a workshop tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

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I am too! I picked 630AM perth, you?

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1 pm Eastern standard Time. :grin:

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oh I guess I won’t meet you in person then, enjoy that session! Let’s keep this thread for questions and for new people like us :slight_smile:

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hi Dave! do youtube links don’t automatically play within the page? or do we need to custom code that in?

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Hehehe Thanks For welcoming Me

Sorry mate I Have No Idea There is some code like Youtube: paste Link here (thats an example not the real code)

Etc i don’t know for now keep the plain video link and look for how to have a link that plays on the post like inbuilt player

I recommend watching them tutorial video (probably that 30 min one but dont know for sure)

And off topic my back hutrs like hell i just moved to a new home did some work moving heavy stuff im a heavyweight lol but anyways lols

Hope i helped a bit

Agreed new people will get help when they read about these or they can comment and ask by that time we will all be professional talktimers hehehe i hope so

Hello! I’m fairly new too. I am enjoying this platform so far and love the different conversations going on. It’s also been a great help on promoting my business and its easy to use.

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great to have you here!!

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happy new year talktimers!!

Hello I’m new to talktime and I’m having a hard time finding answers to my questions wondering if you could help? when you have someone enquire about a session with you how so you arrange payment do you send a request through PayPal? if so do you only start the session when you have been paid or after the session? thank you in advance :smiley:

Hi Bronti,

All payments are between you and the person you’re buying from / selling to. TalkTime doesn’t handle any kind of payments or tracking, so it’s up to us to set up any methods of sending or receiving payments. Does that answer the question the way you meant it?

Also, if you’re interested in some further pointers about the platform and getting settled in here, please send me a private message and I’ll fill you in on what I’ve learned so far.

Good to have new people join here. We are all part of the first crop of users of this new platform. How are you doing>