Hello! I am a Life Advisor that is ready to listen

Services I offer

Private 1-on-1

$60 / 20 min.

How to buy

Ask questions in the comments. Direct message me if interested.

Fun fact about me

I love elephants.


I am a wife, mom of 1 daughter, School Counselor with 30 years of experience in counseling students and adults with anxiety and grief issues.


I have a masters degree in School Counseling and a Doctorate in Administration and Supervision.


I demonstrate excellent listening skills, communication, and problem solving strategies.

Who this is for

This is for anybody dealing with anxiety, taking care of elderly parents,and grief.

What I will do

I will inspire, equip, empower, and provide simple strategies that will help your anxiety, assist in dealing with elderly parents, and coping strategies to assist with grief.


I expect for my clients to be on time and come with an open mind.

Why me

I am that girl that everyone always called for advice and now I am the woman that wants to be your Life Advisor so that you can live your best life.