Hello and Welcome!

I am a woman of many names such as, XA, Mudiwa, DJ Musicah, Tam2ks, and mannny more. But I’m mainly known as Tam. Nice to meet ya.

I’m 20 soon 21! I’m from Aurora, Colorado. But I’m out here chillin’ in Calgary.

I love to make art, sing, and dance. I’m currently writing a book about my life and trust when I tell you you are gonna be SHOOK by what you learn. I love talking! So if you’re bored I just learned how to use this but I always love talking to new people.

You can also check out my instagram : @spirit.positivia for my art, cartoon and my shop!
----> @mudiwa.music for music and dance!

All of this started as coping from sexual abuse. But I don’t directly talk about it there because good vibes only. But I will write about it in the book which I might put on wattpad years from now. As I want to finish writing first. But I’ll keep journaling so stay tuned!

Also feel free to message my pages if you would like to talk, create, zoom even, etc… But I believe that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. And if you aren’t being friendly to m, expect the same back.

Bye for now! I hope to hear from yall!