Healthy eating and weight loss Coach

Hello! I’m Jana and I’m a certified Healthy Eating and weight loss coach with Can FIt Pro. I am passionate about healthy eating and encouraging others to enjoy a variety of vegetables, food with complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. I also have B.Sc. in Nutrition from University of Alberta.
Many people have been staying home in this pandemic and always being close to the kitchen has caused them to overeat and gain weight. Also it is more important than ever to take care of yourself with the threat of COVID. Healthy eating is a major component to health and the prevention of disease! Also there is so much confusing diet information out there! I have the most up to date information based on science, and not quick fix weight loss which can cause even more problems for people in the future.
I can offer 4 sessions, the initial session and 3 follow-ups for $100 CAD. All session are virtual using zoom, paid by interact etransfer. I am happy to provide ongoing support because the help I am offering is not a quick fix. It takes time to make healthy changes and see results. If you want to continue beyond the first 4 appointments, then you can sign up for another session.
If you would like a personalized approach with someone who takes all your food preferences and circumstances into account then send me a message!
Enjoy healthy food!!!

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You maybe able to help me with something?
I am doing a presentation Health Coaching.
I am very new to it and I would like to be able to
consult with a professional for my Q&A portion.
I would need your assistance for about 20 minutes.

Can you help?

Hello Ruth! Thanks for your message!! Yes I’d love to help you!!! Do you want to email me some question or meet with Zoom? I’m in eastern standard time and I’m free most afternoons and evenings. When is good for you?
Thanks again!

Wonderful. I am thinking I am going to do it tomorrow evening. Are you available?

Yes that’s fine!! On zoom? Do you have an account? Want to send me the info?
Have a good day!

Hey, I will not have the information until I am doing the Q&A. Therefore I am looking for an experienced Health Coach. You are certified correct? I am thinking I will do the Q&A at around 6pm tomorrow. I can do a Zoom call with you and if you can be on Zoom incase I have any questions?

Are you available to do it now?

Hello! I am a Healthy Eating and Weight loss coach, certified by can fit pro. Is that the type of coach you need? Send me the zoom info!