Health & Wellness Coach

You want to feel peace in your body and with your body. You want to feel peace in your mind and with your mind. You want to feel peace in your life.

You are so tired of feeling less than or not good enough. You are so tired of questioning your own worth. You want to feel empowered, capable and hopeful.

There is struggle and conflict in your relationship to yourself and your body.

You want to stop being so hard on yourself. You want to stop the self-loathing and criticism and develop a kinder, more loving, compassionate, and forgiving relationship with yourself.

You know what you “should” be doing to make the changes that you want to make but you just can’t seem to make lasting, meaningful change. You are no stranger to feeling stuck.

You know that it is time to change your patterns and let go of the unhealthy habits and addictive behaviors that do not benefit you.

You want to free yourself from critical thoughts toward your body and your worth.

You are ready to be a more vibrant and enlivened version of yourself, you just need some support in getting there.

Let’s work together on all of this and more!