Health & Mindset coaching for more confidence, loving your body and life, peaceful mind and eating for health & balance

I help women to feel empowered in their skin, to fully love and accept their bodies and themselves. Women who feel stuck, struggle with their self-worth, that little voice in their head, diet and health will learn how to live, eat and think for a healthy & happy body, mind and spirit. Without holding yourself back, restrictive dieting, without stress, fatigue and other mental and physical symptoms.


  • 3 month coaching program for a healthy mind, healthy body with 12 weekly sessions and many extra’s to hold you accountable and make a daily effort to transform your life: $AUD 750, $USD 570
  • 1 on 1 90 min private coaching sessions: $AUD 100, $USD 77
  • Other options: message me how I can help you best

Location: online over Zoom, which means that it isn’t location bound
How to buy: message me for questions and to buy the program. Payment will be through Paypal or give your preference if Paypal isn’t an option for you.

I am Joyce, a world traveler who lived in the US and the Netherlands and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. I am a certified Health & Mindset coach and NLP & EFT practitioner helping women to live their best and healthiest life.

I have suffered from emotional eating ever since I have been 4. I was taught that food would make me happy and feel better and so I started to eat. A lot. On top of that I was told I was too fat and not good enough by close peers and therefore I looked for more comfort in food. To have control over my life, to numb and to avoid the fact that I didn’t feel loved and good enough.

In my younger years I dealt with childhood trauma and bullying. At 16 I was heavily overweight and diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was exhausted, lost and I hated myself and my body. I almost didn’t see the point of living anymore and then knew things had to change. I needed to lose weight in order to reduce my symptoms and that’s where my restrictive diet cycle began.

I lost a lot of weight and finally felt that life would change around for me. Even though my health improved, I still felt fat and unwanted. I became obsessed with dieting, counting calories, losing weight and constantly comparing myself with others. After many years of dieting, my body was deprived of the right nutrients and enough food. That is where I started to binge eating and eating in secret.

Binge eating was the only thing that brought me relief and shame at the same time. I felt so bad and tried so many times to stop but I just couldn’t do it. Then I felt so bad and started another diet, because I needed to eat less to lose the weight. Or so I thought.

Eventually my health started to decrease again and I experience a lot of stress, burnout and hormonal imbalance. I had IBS symtoms, I lost my period for 2 years and I had a lot of acne. I lost a lot of hair and grew hair in places I didn’t want it. I felt exhausted, experienced a lot of anxiety and brain fog. After many months, I finally got diagnosed with PCOS and that’s where I realised I had to change my life.

My diets didn’t work, my overexercising didn’t work and I was still in my own way. Still didn’t think I was beautiful, good enough and deserving of life and myself. I have always served other people and I am a teacher and coach by trade and when I started my coaching degree I knew it was my mindset all along that was in my own way. Once I did the mindset work and worked with coaches and counsellors, I finally could let go of the diet mentality. I started to fully love and accept my body and with their making actual good choices for my body and diet. I feel at peace, balanced and so good. I finally feel good enough, beautiful, happy and healthy.

My unique method of coaching, NLP and EFT that helped me, is what I use in my program to really go back to the root cause of someone’s health, diet and mindset problems. By knowing this, we can rewire the brain and choose for a better, happier and healthier life. With success and for the long run.

I have worked with many women who have a low self-worth and confidence, no motivation, are too much in their heads and experience overeating episodes to kind of manage their problems. I have also helped women with their PCOS and hypothyroidism issues. For example Prachi. She is a beautiful young lady who felt so insecure and was so much in their own way. She experienced constant stress, found it hard to set boundaries and let people walk over her. She was constantly in her head, experiencing anxiety and overeating to deal and numb the stress. For the first time, she now finally sees her worth and is making healthy and balanced choices for their diet and mindset. She finally sees and owns what she is capable of:

“It was the beginning of a magical journey for me with Joyce. She is an epitome of positivity who adds enthusiasm through sense of empathy which boosts my morale in tough times and directs my energies to perform well in life. Her positive contribution has reflected in various experiences of my life. She is a constant support of motivation and imparts lifelong mantras of life with insights par excellence. Before the sessions I was feeling very low, having negative thoughts and had a wandering mind. Also I was struggling with weight, tried hard but couldn’t lose weight. I am grateful to Joyce that I could connect with her. As a result of coaching sessions with Joyce, I am more confident and I am able to see positivity in every aspect. Now I feel much energetic as I am eating healthy, I do not experience cravings any more. I have personally seen improvement and it has helped to shape my life better. Thank you so much. I am sure the things I have learned from her will go a long way in my life. Keep the magic alive Joyce!”
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How can I find more information on what you do?
My website:
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What does your 3 month program look like?
In my 12 week program, you will be getting 12 weekly coaching sessions with worksheets, tapping scripts and meditations included to hold you accountable and to make a daily effort into changing your life. This program is tailored to you and your life to give you the best results. I use a combination of empowering questions, mindfulness and NLP and EFT tools, exercises and technique to provide the best results for you. Topic and things we can work on is goal setting, finding your root cause, stress management, body image, confidence, motivation, consistency, diet, womens hormones, setting boundaries, living your best life and adjusting to your environment etc. We often hold ourselves back or we let other people guide us. I help you to see what the best decisions are for you by working with your subconscious mind. This scientifically proven method helps you to find your purpose, what really matters to you and what is grounded in your own values and beliefs. You will get to know you and your motivation better and through this you can make better and easier choices for a longlasting change. This process is truly transformational and empowering. But most of all it makes change fun and easy. We often hold ourselves back because change is hard, fearful and scary.

How is your program different?
As said above, my program is fun and easy. It is abotu seeing the possibilities and make things positive and exciting. I used to drag change, I hated food and I all wanted was to experience fun again and love food and myself. That is why this is such an important thing for me. And because I have experienced all of this first hand, I can resonate with your story and hold you accountable. Clients find me sincere and trustworthy and love I hold them accountable and support them no matter what. They are always more relaxed, motivated and excited after a session, usually with mindblowing and magical lightbulb moments and mindshifts. My clients, and so I thought too, thought that they could make this change themselves. But having someone in their corner and who really wants to help them without any judgement, helps to make you feel supported, not alone, someone who really gets you and wants the best for you, getting you the results faster and in a more fun way than doing it all by yourself.

What is NLP?
NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Shortly said is it about how we perceive the world in our own unique way and how we communicate. NLP helps us to get to know ourselves and others better. We learn how we and other functions and why we believe the things we do and behave the way we behave. By understanding this, making changes and better choices becomes easier. NLP stems from psychology and linguistic science and has been proven to create better habits, motivation and deal with phobia, anxiety, decision making, feeling stuck and basically becoming the best version of yourself.

What is EFT?
EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as tapping. It is similar to accupuncture, but instead of using needles, you will use your own fingers to tap on your meridian points on your face and hands. This helps to open up and letting go of anxiety, stress, pain, phobia and everything that doesn’t serve you and is in your way. The tapping will reduce the heavy feelings, pain and stuckness, to let it go out of your body and to then use tapping and positive affirmations to raise your vibration and anchor the feeling and mindset your best version would like to have.

What’s a fun fact about you?
I think in songs, love dancing and singing and penguins are my favorite animals.

What can you talk about for hours?
Personal development, traveling and stories, living healthy and happy, diet culture and quite frankly food

What’s your favorite smell?
The ocean and lavender

What are you proud of, but never have an excuse to talk about?
I am proud of that I made decisions in my life that disalign with what society says we should do, scared the hell out of me but finally made these choices just for me and my own happiness.

My teaching style:
I am sincere and an empath. i am an intuitive coach and truly want the best for you. My sessions are always very exciting and inspiring to be in and my clients always love them. This is your journey and even though I make a program for you, this journey is yours and you can always choose what’s on your mind. We usually do breathing exercises to get you present so that you can get the best results and have a talk on your progress. Then it is my turn to really listen what you have to say and I will be asking you empowering questions to create that mindshift. Or we go and do different exercises to create a plan, gain more clarity and feeling truly better about yourself.

What can you expect from my lessons?
You can expect my sessions to be magical, empowering and sincere. You can totally be yourself and trust that the life you want will come to you and I am here for more than 100% to get your there. I don’t work with just anybody and even though I am here to totally help you to achieve all of your dreams and goals, it does require effort from your side to do the things we agree on. You really need to be ready to make these changes. That said, if you are doubtful if you are, please send me a message. I also won’t let anybody down and will be here whenever things are hard. It is about to keep move forward and taking the baby steps. If you are willing to do so and take that leap of faith, this program and coaching by me will surely get you there!!

Why I’m passionate about this?
Because with 20 years of dealing with food and not feeling good enough and struggling so much, I just don’t wish anyone else experiencing the same. My skills, experience and personality are meant for this and I know that I am meant to help more people and to create a better world. My mission in life is to create a world one day where we all can love and accept ourselves and our bodies without feeling pressure to look and feel a certain way. Where society, social media and other people won’t determine that and where restrictive diets don’t exist. I am also passionate about changing this for our next generations.

What else I can do?

  • I am a writer and content and social media marketer and have written and designed many articles and website pieces. Especially in the health and travel sector.
  • I am a Dutch as a second language teacher and I teach kids and adults Dutch.
  • I have a masters in Communication Science and HR and can help with internal communication processes and strategies, work life balance, work performance, etc.

Message me for more info and questions, I love to connect!