Health/Life coaching for Caregivers

My name is Tammy and I’m 52 years old. I am a certified Health and Life Coach with extensive experience as a caregiver. I would love to help you as you navigate the complexities of caring for yourself as you care for a love one.

I believe strongly in nutrition, personal growth, habit change and purposeful living to increase a person’s joy, happiness and connection to life! I support wholehearted and a holistic approach to living with a focus in all areas of life. I believe a balance in work, relationships (with self also), spirituality and leisure etc are all essential parts of living a life filled with joy, purpose and connection!

I was a caregiver for my partner for 16 of our 20 years together. She passed 4 months ago from Multiple Sclerosis. I have done extensive research in the areas of autoimmune diseases. I completely believe that nutrition, exercise, sleep and radical self-care are our best weapons against many diseases. As I care-giver for 16 years I learned caregivers are the backbone of the healthcare industry and that they like many healthcare professional (nurses, hospice workers) etc I was not very good at self care.

My specialty is working with caregivers. I mentor, support and help them to embrace their lives, love themselves and to practice radical self care while maintaining a balance in their lives. I hope to teach them to have FUN while providing this much needed care and service to parents, relatives, spouses, partners, children etc.

Format: Zoom, Facetime, Phone

Fee: $25 for 30-45 minute session

Payment options: Paypal, Venmo

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