Health coaching: Strategies to get you off the weight loss/gain roller-coaster

Name: Jennifer
Price: $40/20 minutes
Have questions: Comment below

Who am I?
Hi! I’m Jennifer from Wilmington, NC. I began my career as a fitness instructor teaching Zumba Fitness at the age of 38. I wasn’t necessarily “fit” when I began teaching. As I learned more about overall health and wellness, I began to take my own health more seriously. I found I loved sharing health and wellness tips with my classes. I became a certified personal trainer and a health coach because I love helping people reach their health and wellness goals to include disease prevention and living and feeling better.

My moto is Be Intentional. Be Healthy.

What I offer:

Private 1-on-1 Sessions

  • Price: $40 / 20 minutes (Special pricing available for package of six 45-sessions after initial visit.)
  • Payment: Venmo or PayPal

How to buy?
Comment below if you have questions or message me if you’re ready to change your life for your life.

I help people take control of their health and wellness by making small lifestyle changes that lead to big results.

Who is this for?
Overweight adults who are tired of dieting and exercising without obtaining their
desired results.

Who do I enjoy working with?
I enjoying working with people over the age of 40. Most of my clients, in my career, have experience with dieting and exercise who haven’t had success keeping off the weight they’ve lost in the past. I’ve had the best success with people who are coachable and change is of high importance. I’m pretty blunt and speak truth from a place of care and compassion.

What results can you expect?
You can expect to be a confident adult able to implement strategies for lifestyle changes for weight loss and healthy living.

Why am I passionate about living a healthier lifestyle?
I’ve been 20 pounds overweight as an adult. I had success with Weight Watchers, but better success using the strategies I now share with others. Even being a normal weight for the past several years, my hemoglobin A1C is at the top of the normal range. Having a 9 pound 2 ounce baby is an indicator I had gestational diabetes, which increases my chances of developing type 2 diabetes. My goal now is to do everything I can to prevent type 2 diabetes down the road. I also have a strong family history of high blood pressure and stroke. I know from experience how important a healthy lifestyle is to avoiding chronic diseases and my passion is helping others discover they too have the power and ability to take control of their health and wellness by making better choices.

Why am I qualified to help you?
I’ve worked one-on-one with clients since 2015 as a certified personal trainer and certified health coach; and with small groups since 2017. When I worked for our local YMCA, I wrote and facilitated an 8 week program using the strategies I teach. My long-standing one-on-one coaching client has lost 60 pounds and feels great. We meet regularly for accountability and support to continue this life-long journey. I consider it a privilege to be a part of your journey and would love to celebrate your successes and help you work through set backs.

What will you learn working with me?

  • Strategy #1: Awareness: Food Tracking 101. Food is fuel.

  • Strategy #2: Understanding how to read food labels and macronutrients. All choices have consequences.

  • Strategy #3: Understanding the role of exercise for weight loss and overall health. You cannot out exercise a bad diet.

  • Strategy #4: Setting SMART Goals.

  • Strategy #5: Understanding the role of sleep and stress management for better health.

Why I’m unique?
I’m not reinventing the wheel here. The strategies I teach have been around for a while. I just put them in an easy to follow format and teach you how to use each strategy to be successful. At the end of the day, you’ll decide what works best for you. Plus, unlike diet plans and programs, I help build your confidence that you have the power and ability to live a healthier lifestyle; not just tell you what and when to eat.

My teaching style:
I get very excited working with people and can be loud when I’m excited. I’m very straightforward, but my words come from a heart of love and compassion. I’m not a registered dietitian, so I won’t be giving you meal plans to follow. Please be ready to work hard and discover new things about yourself.

Expectations for my clients:
Show up on time with camera ready in a place free from distractions. Be ready to engage in conversation and ask questions. Have a notebook and pen ready to take notes. I love to laugh, so let’s have fun while we work hard!

What happens after you buy:
I will contact you within 24 hours by sending a message on Talktime. From there, we’ll schedule our first meeting and get to work changing your life for your life! Are you ready?

Fun fact about me:
I can also help you discover all the health benefits of high-quality CBD products. Benefits include: better sleep, relief in pain and inflammation, helps with anxiousness, and can help you cope with daily stress.

Hi Jen. Where did you receive your health coach certification from? I’m interested in messaging you, but I’m new here and am unable to find how to contact you except through this comment section. My teens couldn’t find a way to message posters either, so I don’t feel too bad;-) Looking forward to hearing from you.