Health Coach For Improved Metabolic Health

My name is Dr. Pete and I am a certified health coach and a trainer with a Ph.D. in biochemistry. I help people improve their metabolic health and fitness. I specialize in reversing metabolic disorders like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

I came into this field because I was prediabetic nearly two years ago and learned the low carb lifestyle on my own and wish to help people with the transition to the keto lifestyle so that it is easier for them than it was for me to make this transition. I have helped people of all ages and walks of life find better health, lose weight, and reverse more serious metabolic disorders.

I am passionate about this because over 88% of the US population is metabolically unhealthy and our medical establishment would have you believe that disorders like diabetes can only be managed and not reversed. I was frustrated about this issue as a prediabetic and decided to do something about it on my own. Its pretty simple–just lower the carbs in your diet and you can lose weight, be energized, and reverse disorders like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

If you want help, I’m here for you!

My rate: $50 per 30 min session via Venmo or PayPal.

We also can set up what I call my Solo Keto Program for $50 per month. This is one Marco Polo session per week, biomarker app with analysis, eBook, and free access to my online keto course. DM me for details.

I am committed and dedicated to helping you!

My email is
Website: ketonicrevolution
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