Healing The Mother Wound To Unlock Your Success!

Hello beautiful souls,

It’s so great to virtually connect with you all. My name is Marshall Dunn - Spiritual Teacher/Healer, Author of “Letters to Mitch” and Podcaster.

The past year has been a rough, wild ride and a lot of “stuff” has come to the surface for so many people, including family relationship challenges. One of my areas of expertise is working to heal the relationship one has with their mother.

If you are caught in a “deep movement” with your mother, it can have a huge impact on all areas of your life, such as - how you are in relationships, your finances, career success, health…everything.

Clearing what is being held energetically and emotionally within your body paves the way for new openings in your life. The mother symbolically and literally is the “giver of life” - so when this primary relationship is loving and healthy - great abundance, success, joy and better health opens up to you.

If you’d like help in this area of your life - I have student discounts available. You can learn more about me, my story and work at the link below:)


I look forward to meeting you:)